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The Ionic Cloud

A cloud platform for managing and scaling cross-platform mobile apps. Integrated services enable you and your team to build, deploy, and grow your apps efficiently.

  • Powerful tools, all in one place

    The one central hub to engage with and manage your users, deploy live updates, and track your native builds.

  • Developer focused

    Developers are at the heart of every great app. Our platform makes designing and developing apps a joy.

  • Built with teams in mind

    Invite team members to collaborate on your Ionic apps with unique developer accounts and more.

  • Designed to work seamlessly with Ionic Framework

    The Ionic Cloud has been built to work beautifully with apps built using the open source Ionic Framework.

Connect with confidence

Send dynamic, targeted, push notifications to all, or a segment of your users. Ionic’s simple push notifications allow you to grow and retain your mobile app user base.

  • Targeted Pushes

    Send targeted pushes to all or some of your users, based on fine-grained filters on real user data. Personalize each push notification with a powerful template engine.

  • Custom scheduling

    It matters what time of day your users receive push notifications. Schedule your pushes in advance with our custom time options. Ionic does all the heavy lifting.

  • Improve retention

    Connect and engage with your users. Easily track engagement of your push notifications in the dashboard to optimize user behavior and retention.

User identity, made simple

One auth solution for all your apps. Ionic offers traditional email & password authentication, as well as third-party providers like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more.

  • Social integration

    Easily add authentication for popular social networks and auth providers. Ionic Auth cures the OAuth headache.

  • User management

    Track, edit, and engage with your users through a simple, easy to use dashboard interface.

  • Client-side API

    Query and manage users with a simple client-side JavaScript API. Login, signup, and logout are simple method calls.

  • Native Plugins

    Ionic Auth works with native authentication plugins and providers for a great mobile user experience.

Build apps with ease

Turn your Ionic code and web assets into native app binaries for different platforms
with a single command. Build iOS apps even if you don't use a Mac.

  • Cloud builds

    The Ionic Package build farm handles building your Ionic app for each platform in the cloud. Build apps with a single command.

  • iOS for Windows

    Don't use a Mac for development? No problem! Ionic Package builds iOS apps for you with our Mac build farm. No equipment needed.

  • Rapid Development

    Send app binaries to testers through email and other channels for rapid feedback. Skip complicated beta testing tools.

Change everything. In real time.

Ionic changes the way you update and improve your app by giving you the ability to deploy hot code live into production without going through the app stores.

  • Skip the line

    No more waiting for app store reviews. Push updates and UI changes to users immediately.

  • Rollback in seconds

    Ionic Deploy tracks every version of your app, so you can roll back quickly if necessary.

  • Test multiple versions

    Send updates to specific users before rolling them out to everyone with Deploy Channels.

  • Move faster

    Update apps immediately. Fix bugs in production without weeks of review delays.

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