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AWS Amplify

Ionic integrates with AWS Amplify to give web developers a comprehensive library for creating and integrating backend resources into their apps quickly. Among the many features are authentication, analytics, push notifications, AI and ML cloud services, and storage.


AWS Amplify is an entirely web-based SDK, so it works with either Cordova or Capacitor seamlessly.

First, install the Amplify SDK into your project:

npm install aws-amplify

Building an app with a web framework? Amplify has framework-specific packages available that offer UI components tailored for integration with your application. Check out Angular, React, and Vue.

Continue on by following the Ionic apps with AWS Amplify guide or the Amplify JavaScript documentation.

Tutorial: Todo List App

In this tutorial, you'll utilize AWS services such as Amazon Cognito, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Lambda to build a Todo list app.