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Learn, connect, and share with fellow enterprise developers, architects, and app development leaders in an exclusive, invite-only event.

December 09, 2020||100% Online


Hear from inspiring speakers from the industry working on every aspect of the Enterprise App Ecosystem.

Opening Keynote: The Future of Enterprise App Development

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Max Lynch

App Development at Scale with Micro Frontend Architectures

Kristina Wilson headshot

Kristina Wilson

Nick Trower headshot

Nick Trower

Preparing for 2021: Product Planning in Uncertain Times

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Matt Kremer

Ben Wilkins icon

Ben Wilkins

Diptiman Mitra icon

Diptiman Mitra

Rakesh Gadapa icon

Rakesh Gadapa

Paulina Gallo icon

Paulina Gallo

Real-time mobility: The rise of wearables & augmented reality

Brian Ballard icon

Brian Ballard

Empowered Engineers

Marty Cagan icon

Marty Cagan

How 2020 Compelled Organizations to Transform Like Never Before

Sarah Mccasland icon

Sarah Mccasland

Building Cross Platform Apps: A conversation with the creators of Sworkit

Ryan Hanna headshot

Ryan Hanna

Cory McArthur headshot

Cory McArthur

Hybrid Mobile Application Development at Disney

Michael D. Callaghan