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Ionic's official, fully supported integration for deploying native Windows desktop apps.

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Ionic Windows

Our Premier integration with Windows provides a native Windows platform using modern Windows development SDKs to enable teams to target Windows 10 and beyond with access to native Windows APIs.

Ionic's Windows solution is based on the new Windows App SDK, WinUI3, and WebView2, and is an evolution for desktop apps that improves on classic approaches like Electron (Ionic Enterprise Windows is not based on Electron).

Ionic Windows features:

    A native Windows platform with integration into modern Windows APIs and features like those available on Microsoft Surface devices.

    Integration into the core Ionic developer experience with easy-to-use command line tooling and developer-friendly documentation.

    A single API across iOS, Android, Web, and now Windows for maximum code reuse and platform compatibility.

    Native plugin support for the Ionic Enterprise native solution portfolio for single sign-on, biometric authentication, data storage, and integrations such as Couchbase Lite. (coming soon)

    Performance and developer experience improvements over other desktop approaches, such as Cordova Windows and Electron.

    Support for any web app stack, such as Angular, React, or Vue.

    The ability to extend the app with custom platform-specific functionality with a powerful and easy-to-use plugin system. 

    Seamless integration with Ionic v6’s desktop form factors

Additionally, Ionic Windows comes with Ionic’s customer-loved support and advisory, and is fully maintained and supported by the team of mobile and desktop app experts at Ionic.

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