Building cross-platform apps with Capacitor

Deliver native mobile apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from the same codebase, using web technology in place of native programming languages.

Capacitor is an open source project that runs modern Web Apps natively on iOS, Android, Electron, and Web. It delivers the same benefits of the native runtimes that preceded it, including React Native and Cordova, but with a modern, web-first approach.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • What makes Capacitor unique: Progressive Web App (PWA) support, native and web developer collaboration, easy access to native device features, and more.
  • When to use Capacitor: Including such as use cases native apps, web apps, and legacy web app projects.
  • User Interface guidance: Since Capacitor gives you the native runtime environment to run your app on mobile, what should the UI layer of the app look like?
  • How teams use Capacitor in an enterprise environment: From dedicated support to enterprise-grade security and authentication solutions, Capacitor provides everything teams need to be successful.
  • How to migrate from Cordova to Capacitor: Capacitor is backward compatible with Cordova, making migration smooth and uncomplicated.

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