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What we’re made of

We are a devoted group of creative designers, coders, writers, thinkers, and tinkerers building amazing experiences for others. This stuff is our passion, and we like to think we have a knack for it. We hope you do, too.

Max Lynch

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ben Sperry

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer

Nick Hyatt

Platform Developer

If there's snow on the ground, you'll find Nick on his cross-country skis, training for the American Birkebeiner. In the more temperate months, you can find him running around the soccer pitch, doing his best to score a goal, but mostly just trying not get in his teammates' way. Of course, year-round, regardless of weather conditions, you can find Nick hard at work on the Ionic Platform.

Dan Imhoff

Platform Developer

Dan "the Sunshine Man" builds awesome stuff for the Ionic Platform. When not shredding it in Vim, he can be found tearing over snow in his fat bike, attending the Madison tech meetups, ignorantly rating restaurants, taking a bunch of photographs at random cities and National Parks, or, possibly, still playing LEGOs.

Lee Schmidt

Creator Developer

At Ionic, Lee’s main quest is working on Creator, wielding a MacBook and a cup of coffee (he gains +1 intelligence for each additional cup). When he’s not writing code, he likes to swim, bike, run, and compete in triathlons.

Bryan Oliver

Platform Developer

Hailing from Atlanta, you'll find Bryan hacking away at the Ionic Platform, attending and running meetups, avoiding css at all costs, and writing node.js every chance he gets. When he's not coding you'll find him playing Ice Hockey on the one patch of ice in Georgia, running a trail along the Chattahoochee, or relaxing with a glass of scotch and playing an MMORPG.

Perry Govier

Frontend Engineer

Be it code, places, gadgets, food, or conversation, Perry loves to explore. While AFK he's probably biking around Madison, spending time with his wife and son, "refactoring" his house, or avoiding his overweight cat to whom he is very allergic and wishes was a dog.

Erin Middlemas

Data Scientist

While coping with an addiction to coffee and pretending to be a vegetarian, Erin spends most of her days solving Ionic’s data mysteries and answering the team's questions. When not probing into the dark trenches of data wrangling, Erin is usually canoeing on Madison’s lakes, playing Ultimate Frisbee, or enjoying beer with friends at a local bar.

Mike Hartington

Community Support

Deep in the frozen North, just before the great wall, a man sits with a laptop, surrounded by several cups of coffee and a glass of whiskey. Traveling across this great kingdom, he enlightens other devs and shares his knowledge through the written and spoken word. When the laptop is not near, he often finds solace in music with his guitar.

Brian Dennis

Intern Developer

When not studying computer science and math at UW-Madison, Brian works on all things web at Ionic. If not binge reading JavaScript blog posts, he can be found in coffee shops, by campfires, or traveling across the country while trying to smooth talk his ancient car into not breaking down.

Rudy Pelrine

Platform Developer

A musician, DJ, sound engineer, photographer, and self proclaimed fashion nerd, Rudy seems to find a new obsession daily. At Ionic, you'll find him working on the Platform services, making sure everyone's notifications arrive safe and sound.

Matt Kremer

Creator Lead

Two couches, a lazy boy, 40” TV and wired internet. Awesome man-cave? Nope, that’s just Matt’s garage where he spends his time working on Creator, the worlds most awesome project ever (or at least his mom says so). With “Anything Is Possible” tattooed on his arm, Matt enjoys tackling complex business and programming problems, as well as attempting to win board games against his wife.

Eric Bobbitt

Platform Lead

When he's not arguing semantics, dancing at all the wrong times, or drawing randomly on the office whiteboards, you'll find him working on the Ionic Platform, planning new features, and not-so-silently cursing at his laptop. Otherwise he's probably feeding his gaming addiction with a glass of whiskey or a good Belgian beer.

Tim Lancina

Tools Developer

A temporarily embarrassed pro soccer player, Tim is fond of traveling the world and trying to convince his coworkers to eat bugs. When not doing either of those, he is usually breaking things related to Ionic tooling, the platform, or the framework.

Adam Bradley

Framework Lead

Adam was once Marty McFly in another life, but is now back to the future of open source heading up all things Ionic Framework. When not slinging code, he can be found hanging out with his wife and kids, befriending dogs, and traveling space and time in his Delorean.

Justin Willis

Support Engineer

Musician turned programmer, when not responding to the awesome Ionic community on Github, talking all things Ionic on Twitter or generally helping with Ionic development, you can probably find Justin spending time with his girlfriend, playing Assassins Creed, drinking unhealthy amounts of Mountain Dew, sharing food with his dog and developing Ionic apps!

Liz Maves

Admin Coordinator

With keen attention to detail Liz works behind the scenes, providing support to Ionic employees. From onboarding new hires, stocking the lounge with healthy snacks, walking any office dog that will let her, or planning the next Ionic Bonding event; she’s almost magical. When not at Ionic HQ, you’re most likely to find Liz on the disc golf course, trying to get her first ace, or in the kitchen, preparing a delicious meal.

Dan Bucholtz

Framework Developer

Family, code, and the Wisconsin Badgers. That's what Dan is all about. When not hacking on Ionic or other open source projects, Dan enjoys watching sports and hanging out with his wife, son, and dog.

Alex Muramoto

Developer Advocate

Stationed in far-flung California, Alex spends his days showing others why Ionic is awesome. When he isn’t doing talks, bending JavaScript to his will, or banging his head against the keyboard, he reads fancy literary books and indulges his (kinda embarrassing) love of cartoons. He also features his little corgi (who’s kinda a jerk) in as much of his work as possible.

Zach Hanes

Support Lead

A Wisconsinite by birth but a citizen of the universe, Zach specializes in supporting you and finding new ways to support you without you even realizing you’re being supported. Outside of Ionic, Zach reads a lot of sci-fi and ancient history, dabbles in writing comic books, and every now on then stands up on a stage to do some comedy. He doesn’t like humidity.

Katie Ginder-Vogel

Marketing & Communications

Katie handles Ionic’s marketing, communications, and editorial, writing blog posts about unique Ionic apps and dreaming up new ways to bring Ionic to developers around the world. Outside the office, she can be found on land, running or hiking, or in the water, swimming and paddleboarding.

Brandy Carney

Framework Developer

When she isn't busy keeping her two chihuahuas from killing each other, Brandy can be found making the Ionic Framework pretty by means of Sass. She loves helping people while continuing to expand her own knowledge. After hours she can be found on her patio shopping online with a glass of wine in hand. Give her a glass and she'll write some Sass.

Brody Kidd

Business Development & Support

If you can’t find him on call, shuffling through email, poking around on a new CRM, in our live chat support, or white boarding new business development… Odds are he is surfing lake Michigan, fly fishing the gin clear streams of the driftless region, camping in the north woods, or milking his goats.

Josh Thomas

Framework Developer

Josh spends most of his spare time listening to programming podcasts, discovering new music genres, or complaining about the Wisconsin winters. This elder Ionic member has a fondness for clean, functional code; strict quality standards; and all things JavaScript.


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