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To installing Ionic's Couchbase Lite integration into your app, first check the prerequisites to make sure your app is compatible, and then install the package into your app.


Important: Ionic's Couchbase Lite integration uses Couchbase Lite Enterprise, and requires an existing Couchbase subscription with access to enterprise mobile functionality.

Ionic's Couchbase Lite integration requires Capacitor 3.0 or above, and is not compatible with Cordova-based Ionic apps. We strongly recommend migrating to Capacitor and we offer official migration support to help your team navigate the transition.


To get started, install the @ionic-enterprise/couchbase-lite package into your Ionic/Capacitor app:

npm install @ionic-enterprise/couchbase-lite

Android: Add Maven Repo#

Edit your android/build.gradle file and update the allprojects entry to make sure the Couchbase maven repository is listed:

allprojects {    repositories {        google()        jcenter()        maven { url '' }    }}

Sync Project#

Then, sync your Capacitor app to load any native dependencies:

npx cap sync# orionic capacitor sync

Once installed, move onto Usage to see how to start using Couchbase Lite in your app.