Enterprise-ready App Delivery

Powerful app development, build, and delivery cloud services for agile development teams

For Enterprise

CI/CD integration, Support, SSO, and Security

For Indies

Access for small businesses & our OSS community

For Enterprise

For teams with their own CI/CD tools, security requirements, and dedicated support needs.
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    Scales based on usage & concurrency, plus:
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    Integrate with your CI/CD tools and private repos
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    Collaborate with your team members
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    Control access with SSO and Permissions
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    Enterprise-grade  Support, Advisory & Onboarding
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    Native Builds with  iOS Enterprise Certs
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    Live Updates Secure Code Signing Coming Soon
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Have a Question?

  • How can I use Appflow with my own CI/CD Tool?

    For teams and businesses that wish to integrate Appflow with their existing CI/CD platform, the Enterprise version of our cloud suite includes access to the Cloud CLI to kick off builds and deployments as steps in your own CI/CD tool.

    This allows you to use the powerful CI/CD tooling you already use, while offloading the complexity of mobile DevOps on to Appflow. The Cloud CLI can be installed in any CI/CD tool like Travis, Jenkins, CircleCI, Azure DevOps, Gitlab CI, BitBucket Server, etc.

  • What is included with Support, Advisory, and Onboarding?

    Ionic provides completely custom support, advisory, and onboarding packages that are built specifically for your team to be successful, and centered around your needs.

    We can help you make sure that your Live Updates, Native Builds, and App Store Deployments setups are perfect, or we can even help you with Ionic Framework, Capacitor, or Stencil issues.

    Please Contact our Sales team to help us understand exactly what you're looking for so we can help you be successful.

    All paid Ionic plans come with basic email support for account related issues (such as solving a billing problem, a service outage, or working with the Ionic Dashboard).

  • How do Live Update limits scale?

    Appflow allows you to push hot code updates directly to your users’ devices for any modifications to your web code.

    A single Live Update is one code update to one device. If you send one update to 200 devices, that counts as 200 Live Updates. If you send two updates to 200 devices, that counts as 400 Live Updates.

    For most Indie and Enterprise customers, Live Update quantity isn't an issue. If you believe that you might need a very large quantity of updates please reach out to our Sales team to discuss the best way to scale your growth.

    Self-service Indie plans have the ability to upgrade their plan to a maximum of 25,000 Live Updates. Any further increase must be a custom package as we also take into account the size (and "shape") of your updates.

  • What are private git repos?

    Private git repos are on-premises installations of a git service. Our Indie and Enterprise services offer a git-based workflow that work with cloud-based git services such as GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab.

    For teams and businesses that wish to integrate with privately hosted git repos, we offer support for Azure DevOps, BitBucket Servier, GitLab CI, and more on the Enterprise version of our Cloud services.

  • Which plans offer iOS Enterprise builds?

    The Enterprise version of our cloud suite is required to perform iOS Enterprise Builds. The Apple Developer Enterprise Program allows large organizations to develop and deploy proprietary, internal-use apps to their employees. This program is for specific use cases that require private distribution directly to employees using secure internal systems or through a Mobile Device Management solution.

  • Do you charge for Concurrency Limits?

    Concurrency Limits refers to the number of app builds that can occur at the same time. Once you have hit your limit, additional builds will be queued until the existing builds in process are completed.

    You'll be given the ability to add concurrencies to your plan if this becomes an issue by upgrading your Indie plan or moving to the Enterprise version of our cloud suite.

  • Do you charge for Developer Seats?

    Our Indie plans begin with solo developer access, with up to five developer seats available through upgrades.

    If you need more seats, please Contact Sales  to discuss increasing your developer seats and gaining access to our support & advisory services as well.