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Bring micro frontends to your enterprise.

This summit—hosted by Ionic—brought together a community of thought leaders in the micro frontends space to share best practices, introduce exciting new concepts, and build connections.

The event

Every week in January, the Micro Frontends Summit featured talks from engineering leaders, technical directors, business leaders, and technical architects from around the world discussing the latest trends in mobile micro frontends.

  • Dig into how to leverage a micro frontend architecture to improve agility and scale mobile app development.

  • Understand how and why to build a superapp in mobile.

  • Learn how to implement module federation.

  • Bring this knowledge back to your organizations.


Practitioners in app development shared insights, best practices, demos, and deep conversations about improving agility in app development, preparing for a shift in team organization, and improving user experiences using micro frontends.

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Each Wednesday in January we brought together thought leaders to present on innovative sessions about module federation, design systems and micro frontends, micro frontends discovery, superapps, and more. See the full session recordings below to explore all things micro frontends.

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Week 1, January 4

Christine Perez

& Josh Thomas

Jennifer Wadella

Week 2, January 11

Manfred Steyer

Vivek Mano

Week 3, January 18

Grgur Grisogono

Rashmi Vishwakarma

& Parijat Sardesai

Week 4, January 25

Luca Mezzalira

Cecelia Martinez

If you want to learn more about how implementing micro frontend architecture in your enterprise applications can be a good strategy for your organization, schedule a demo with one of our Portals Specialists.

Thought leaders

Special thanks to the thought leaders in this space for sharing their knowledge at the summit!

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