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We build software to help teams and businesses build, connect, deploy, and scale better native and mobile web apps. Front to back. Start to finish.

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We make it easy for developers to build high-performance mobile and web apps, with a single shared codebase across multiple platforms and devices. We’re a web-first development platform that embraces open standards and the same tools, libraries, and frameworks that are familiar to millions of web developers all over the world.

Our developer-friendly tools and services power apps for some of the world’s best-known brands, accounting for more than 10% of all apps in the app stores.

The core of the Ionic development experience is Capacitor, a cross-platform native runtime that runs equally across native iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as any web browser.

Teams building with Capacitor can easily craft stunning mobile frontend experiences with Ionic Framework, our mobile UI toolkit that includes over 100 mobile-optimized UI components, animations, and gestures.

On top of that, we offer premium software and services for professional teams and businesses building mission-critical apps. From our suite of mobile security solutions to custom consulting services and our enterprise-ready mobile DevOps platform, Appflow, for enabling continuous delivery of mobile apps.

Thanks to the love and passion from our community, our products are widely adopted and used by more than 5 million developers in 200 countries.

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