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Ionic is changing the way mobile apps are built and delivered. From our popular cross-platform mobile SDK to industry-leading mobile CI/CD and micro frontend solutions, Ionic helps you meet the demand for mobile across your business.

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Building incredible apps doesn’t need to be hard.

Our vision is to help developers meet the need for mobile across their business. Here’s what you get with Ionic:

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    Better apps, faster

    Slash your development time and costs with a platform that lets you write once and deploy anywhere—iOS, Android, and Web.

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    Ready for the future

    A flexible, future-proof foundation that's built on open standards and evolves with today's complex ecosystem.

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    Continuous delivery

    Ship faster and more often with mobile CI/CD products that make building and shipping mobile apps a breeze.

Cross-platform SDK

A modern, enterprise mobile SDK for iOS and Android apps.

The only cross-platform mobile SDK built exclusively for the enterprise. Save time. Safeguard users. And rest easy knowing that our mobile experts are here every step of the way.

Build highly secure apps across iOS, Android, and the Web from a single codebase.





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Learn the differences between hybrid and native. We break down all the myths and misconceptions.

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Build, deploy, and manage all your apps in a secure cloud workspace.

Spend more time on what matters. Start in seconds and scale to millions with a suite of powerful cloud tools and services for every type of app.

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Mobile Micro Frontends

Embed micro frontend experiences into any native app.

Increase productivity and scale development with mobile micro frontends. Portals makes it easy to add web-based experiences to any iOS or Android mobile app, with deep native integrations and seamless integration that’s invisible to users.

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Built for Developers

A developer-first platform. Built on open source

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<h2>Top albums</h2>
{albums.map(album =>
<IonItem key={album.id}>
<IonThumbnail slot="start">
<img src={album.artwork} />
<p>{album.artist}, {album.year}</p>
<h2>Top albums</h2>
<ion-item *ngFor="let album of albums; trackBy:trackAlbums">
<ion-thumbnail slot="start">
<img [src]="album.artwork" />
<h2>{{ album.title }}</h2>
<p>{{ album.artist }}, {{ album.year }}</p>
<h2>Top albums</h2>
<ion-item v-for="album in albums" :key="album.id">
<ion-thumbnail slot="start">
<img :src="album.artwork" />
<h2>{{ album.title }}</h2>
<p>{{ album.artist }}, {{ album.year }}</p>
<h2>Top albums</h2>
<ion-thumbnail slot="start">
<img src="/img/index/code-tabs/dawn-fm-the-weeknd.png" />
<h2>Dawn FM</h2>
<p>The Weeknd</p>
<! --- etc --->

Developer resources

Ionic for enterprise

A single platform for delivering enterprise digital experiences securely and at scale.

The Ionic Platform is designed to help enterprise teams meet the need for digital experiences across their business. Enable any web developer to build brand new custom mobile applications, create and distribute micro frontend applications and embedded mobile experiences, and ship custom design systems and reusable component libraries at scale.

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One codebase. Any platform.

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