Enterprise Support

Expert help when you need it most.

Our world-class customer success team is here to help you reduce risk, go faster, and keep your project on-track.

Why Enterprise Support?

The power of open source. Unmatched peace of mind.

With guaranteed response times and a dedicated point-of-contact, you can rest easy knowing the premium and open source software you depend on will be ready to help you reach your goals—now and in the future.

  • Reduce project risk

    Relax, we’ve got your back. Your dedicated Customer Success team is available to help your team navigate obstacles and keep your projects on track.

  • Accelerate development & delivery

    Stop wasting time chasing down errors and GitHub issues. If you hit a snag, simply contact the team—we’ll help you troubleshoot and address any issues that occur.

  • Build better experiences

    Deliver the best in native features and performance. Enable robust app security. Design stunning user experiences by getting the most out of what Ionic has to offer.

What’s included

  • OSS support

    Timely support and troubleshooting for issues occurring with any Ionic open source products. Includes priority helpdesk ticketing.

  • Native support

    Assistance related to accessing and enabling officially supported plugins, including core device features and 3rd-party integrations.

  • Priority Helpdesk ticketing

    Submit a priority helpdesk ticket and we’ll help implement a fix or identify a suitable workaround. No more chasing GitHub issues.

  • Implementation guidance

    Personalized onboarding and guidance to help you get up and running with your OSS or commercial products.

  • Guaranteed response SLA

    Guaranteed response times for any issue, problem, or roadblock covered under your custom support plan.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    A single point of contact to ensure an unmatched customer experience with Ionic and maximum return on your investment.

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