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Breeze Airways: Taking App Development to New Heights

Discover how Breeze Airways developed a beautiful, functional application across all devices for their customers and adopted Live Updates to push critical code changes directly to their customers' devices.

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digital transformationCapacitor

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Cross-platform mobile gaming apps, powered by the web

How BBC Children's Games delivers gaming experiences across native iOS, Android, and the web as a mobile-optimized Progressive Web App, all from a single codebase using Capacitor.

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86 400

Australia's first smartbank, working on your money so you can feel in control, every second of every day. All eighty-six four hundred of them.

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Komed Health

Empowering doctors, nurses, and staff with secure chat experiences that work seamlessly wherever they go — across mobile, desktop, and web.

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Southwest Airlines

When Southwest realized their new hire experience didn’t match the excellence of their flight experience, their learning team set out to make a change.

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Amtrak delivers a cutting-edge mobile experience to riders, while accelerating development timelines, reducing risk, and improving operational agility.

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National Health Service

How one of the world’s largest health care providers chose Ionic to boost worker productivity and agility.

Case Study

Napa Group, LLC

Innovative wine merchant moves to continuous development, testing, and delivery with Ionic Appflow.

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Mauritius Revenue Authority

How a major government agency built and shipped a mobile application for taxpayers in just two months with Ionic.

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Case Study

Sworkit: Bringing Cross Platform Mobile Development to the Fitness Industry

How a premium digital fitness company and leader in the fitness app space grew to millions of delighted users with a cross platform mobile development solution

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A leading IT strategy and consulting firm reduces time-to-market and overall maintenance costs by 50% or more, by consolidating onto a single codebase with Ionic.

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The #1 mental health app in the app stores shares their secret to delivering an award-winning user experience.

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Airbus Helicopter

How the leading helicopter manufacturer encourages collaboration and fields innovative mobile applications faster with Ionic.

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Helping families and caregivers connect and care for the elderly wherever they’re at - across mobile, web, and desktop.

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Samaritan's Purse

Delivering joy to children around the world, Samaritan's Purse launches a powerful new mobile app built & supported by their in-house web team.

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Mobile Measures

Popular healthcare app finds success by partnering with OpenForge, an Ionic Trusted Partner, to revolutionize outcome measures for physical therapists.

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Siberian CMS

A leading Content Management System, powered by Ionic, makes it easy to build, ship, and manage cross-platform mobile and tablet apps without any coding required.

Case Study

EA Games

How a multi-billion dollar gaming company tapped a team of in-house web developers to build workforce apps for its 8,500+ employees.