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    How do we test Ionic Popover?

  • Discord profile 2

    Can I installed the latest version of Capacitor?

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    Our meetup is starting in two hours, hope to see you there!

  • Discord profile Michael
    Discord profile reply to imageChamp1onHow do we test Ionic Popover?
    Michael (Ionic)01/28/2022

    We have a whole section on that in the ionic docs

  • Discord profile 7

    How can I get started with Ionic?

    Code snippet
  • Discord profile Sean
    Discord profile reply to imageStormyHorizonHow can I get started with Ionic?
    Sean (Ionic)01/28/2022

    Check the getting started guide on the website.

  • Discord profile 8

    Looking for a developer with angular experience to help me add sign in to my app

Ionic Developer Experts

Here are just a few of the awesome people who make the Ionic Community better through the expert content they create, and the knowledge they share.

Simon Grimm headshot

Simon Grimm

Educator, consultant, speaker. Creator of Ionic Academy.

Jorge Vergara headshot

Jorge Vergara

Mobile Dev. Author of Building Firebase powered Ionic apps.

Paulina Gallo headshot

Paulina Gallo

Frontend fanatic. Lead Software Engineer at OpenForge.

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Henk Jurriens headshot

Henk Jurriens

Ionic Developer. Co-founder of DayClocks.

Alan Montgomery headshot

Alan Montgomery

Podcast host of Mobile DevCast. Creator of Ionic React Hub.

Dayana Jabif headshot

Dayana Jabif

Full stack developer and JS lover. Running Ionic Themes.

Robin Genz headshot

Robin Genz

Capacitor expert and open source contributor.

Aaron Saunders headshot

Aaron Saunders

Author, community builder. CEO of Clearly Innovative.

Ezéchiel Agbla headshot

Ezéchiel Agbla

Software Engineer, speaker, mentor. CEO of Wetillix LLC.

Dansteve Adekanbi headshot

Dansteve Adekanbi

Consultant, full stack developer, educator, and speaker.

Aaron Czichon headshot

Aaron Czichon

JS Developer, Ionic Expert, Conference Speaker and Author

Sani Yusuf headshot

Sani Yusuf

Founder, Speaker, Author, DevRel.

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