Hi, we’re Ionic.

We empower developers and businesses to build, secure, and deliver better cross-platform mobile apps, powered by the web.

  • 2012

    Year founded

  • 50%

    Remote Employees

  • 5M+


  • 4,000

    Paying customers

Our story

Ionic was founded in 2012 by developer and designer duo, Max Lynch and Ben Sperry. At the time, using web technologies as a means to build native apps was still in its infancy. We just wanted to create a better way for web developers to use their existing skillsets to build apps.

Today, Ionic is the world's leading platform for building cross-platform mobile apps with JavaScript, powering fast growing startups to some of the biggest companies in the world. Our products are widely adopted and used by more than 5 million developers in over 200 countries, powering over 20% of all apps in the app stores.

We’re a web-first company that embraces open standards and the same tools, libraries, and frameworks that are familiar to millions of web developers all over the world. We make it easy to build high-performance mobile and web apps, with a single shared codebase across multiple platforms and devices.

Ionic not only makes app development easier, faster, and more accessible — it makes it more fun. To us, mobile is all about finding new ways to change the way humans interact with the world, and we couldn’t think of anything more fun than that.

Ionic’s Mission

Our mission is to provide open source tools and services that makes app development accessible for every person and company in the world.

Ionic’s Philosophy

Always bet on the web. It has served developers well for the last twenty years, and we think that makes it a pretty great bet for the next twenty.

Our Values

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Empower others

We devote a lot of our time to work, and there’s an important reason for why we all do it. We are in service to others, and our work empowers the people who experience it. We get a kick out of making people happier and more successful.

Less is more

We work smarter, not longer. Our engineering prowess lets us leverage the full power of software in a way other teams cannot. Our software works for us, not the other way around. That is our advantage.

Embrace authenticity

The best companies are built on the foundation of strong, authentic communication. We don’t buy fans, we don’t spam our message. We teach, we share, we listen. We’re an active part of the community.

Build with empathy

We care about the person on the other side of everything we create. We take the time to understand who they are, and how they might see the world. It enables us to make better products that solve real problems.

Team first

Everyone at Ionic plays a uniquely important role; we don’t have room for rockstars. We are a respectful, collaborative, and supportive bunch, and our impact is maximized through trust and composition of work.

Be worldclass

We’re hyper focused on doing better, and being better, at every single thing we do. Heck, we want to be known for it. If we don’t know something, we learn it. If we need help, we ask for it. Our biggest competitor is ourselves.

Our Backers

Our Leadership

Max Lynch

Co-founder & CEO

Ben Sperry

Co-founder & CDO

Swami Kumaresan

President & COO

Andrew Haire

VP of Marketing

Faisal Raza

VP of Customer Success

Ryan Bowman

VP Sales

Adam Bradley

Director of Open Source

Nick Hyatt

Director of Engineering

Our team is growing.

While Ionic’s HQ is in Madison, WI, more than half our team is remote—with team members located all across the US. Join us on the journey to make app creation better and more accessible for everyone.


Our main headquarters—about half our team is here


A small subset of our team is co-located here


The rest of our team is happily 100% remote

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