Single sign-on, made easy.

Secure authentication for any hybrid mobile app, using a single API and the latest in native security best practices.

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Save time. Protect your users.

Auth Connect makes it easy to integrate with popular auth providers and custom solutions, all from a simple, easy-to-use solution.

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Reduce risk of data loss

Prevent unauthorized access to usernames, passwords, and sensitive company data, by using the latest security best practices and platform requirements.

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Connect to any provider

Integrate your Ionic apps with any OAuth or OpenID Connect-based auth provider or custom solution — all from a single, easy to use connector.

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Focus on your business

Deliver excellent protection without being a mobile security expert. Auth Connect is easy to install and manage, so you can get back to focusing on your app.

Auth Connect data sheet

Auth Connect Data Sheet

Get all the details on Auth Connect and how to better deliver mobile and desktop authentication experiences that work anywhere, anytime.

Integrated experience

Rapid integration

Quickly enable auth services from Auth0, AWS Cognito, Azure Active Directory, and more. Easily switch auth providers without changing the logic of your app.

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Complete protection

Complete lifecycle protection

Deliver secure, seamless authentication experiences throughout the lifecycle, from initial login to logout and token refresh.

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A simple, powerful API

Auth Connect provides a simple interface for login, logout, registration, and retrieval of security tokens after successful login. Just enter a few basic inputs, and Auth Connect takes care of the rest.

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Under the hood

Secure authentication, managed

Enable your team to deliver the best possible protection, without having to become experts in native mobile authentication or keep pace with ongoing security best practices.

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Login, logout, token refresh workflows

Provides all the infrastructure needed to set up end-to-end workflows with any OAuth provider.

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Native system components

Use only native system components to prevent Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) style attacks.

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Support for multiple OS versions

Works across a wide variety of mobile OS versions to ensure all users stay protected.

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Shared cookie storage

Securely store sign-in cookies for a more user-friendly experience when you want it.

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Universal OAuth compatibility

Works with any other OAuth-based provider, including custom auth solutions.

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Ongoing support & maintenance

Timely security updates and ongoing feature updates. Access to Support when you need it.

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