Keep users safe and data secure.

A secure foundation you can count on. Ionic’s managed solutions help you safeguard users and data, using the latest in native security best practices.

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Enjoy peace of mind with advanced security and storage solutions.

Many mobile security solutions use unsecured practices, like storing tokens unencrypted or using weak authentication logic that can be easily compromised. No company can afford to take chances with app security. Ionic is always updating its powerful, multi-layered frontend security to protect users from data loss and unauthorized access, including advanced solutions for enabling biometric protections, secure single sign-on, and encrypted storage on-device.

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Trusted Integrations

Deliver fully integrated app experiences.

Ionic offers a rich library of official integrations that make it easy to safely, securely, and quickly connect to the 3rd-party applications and services your users care about—from maps services to barcode scanning, cloud data storage, payments, and more. Each integration is built and actively maintained by our team of experts, with a rapid response SLA for patches and updates.

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