Keep users safe and data secure.

Identity Vault. Auth Connect. Secure Storage. These solutions and more make up a trusted, secure foundation you can count on.

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Enjoy peace of mind with advanced security & storage solutions.

Many mobile security solutions use unsecure practices, like storing tokens unencrypted or using weak authentication logic that can be easily compromised. No company can take that chance. Ionic is always updating its powerful, multi-layered frontend security to protect users from data loss and unauthorized access, including advanced solutions for enabling biometrics security, secure single sign-on, and encrypted storage on-device.

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Connect to the ecosystem

Modernize your app development platform.

Every enterprise leader dreams of embracing new technology, but doing so isn’t always possible. Ideally, your app development platform supports a modernization strategy. If it doesn't, Ionic is here to help. We make adoption across your organization as easy and straightforward as possible. You’ll be able to bring any of your existing web projects and UI components to mobile, saving you tons of time and money.

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What else can Ionic do for you?

Build something great

Ionic’s web-first approach helps teams accelerate development and support digital transformation, while empowering their existing in-house web developers.

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To delivery and beyond

The work doesn’t stop once your app hits the shelves. We ensure continuous delivery of mobile applications and dedicated support when you need it most.

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Let’s talk app strategy

Connect with an Ionic Solutions Engineer for a tailored discussion on how Ionic can jumpstart your app dev strategy.

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