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A modern approach to developing large scale mobile projects.

Modern app development requires breaking up monolithic codebases in favor of modular, feature-specific micro experiences that help you scale development by allowing your teams to build, test, and ship new features in parallel. Portals make it possible.

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What problems does Portals solve?

Traditional app development treats each project as a standalone, isolated codebase with one team handling every feature of the app. This creates problems at scale.

A single team can’t keep pace with all the features required for large scale apps that are changing frequently. This leads to bottlenecks and kills your feature velocity.

Not shipping enough

The most common symptom of this problem is an inability to ship features regularly and on-time. With just one team and one codebase per project, your teams aren’t able to ship new features at the pace that your internal stakeholders and customers expect.

Unable to scale development

The monolithic approach to app development means you’re unable to scale resources. Teams aren’t able to operate in parallel, which means every new feature has to go through the same app binary and delivery pipeline.

No reuse across applications

The features you build in one application are not easily shared across multiple applications in your portfolio. Building a search feature? If all the code is contained in a single application, you won’t be able to easily port that over to all your other apps that require the same feature.

Here’s how Portals solves it.

Portals makes it easy to create modular, feature-specific micro experiences that can be reused across any native iOS or Android app. And you can rapidly scale development by allowing multiple teams to work in parallel on a single project. Here’s how:

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    A drop-in solution with everything you need in one place.

    Portals is a drop-in Web View component for native apps that handles all the messy, annoying parts of using a Web View in a native app. Developers can host multiple different web experiences through different “portals”, and isolate them, selectively exposing custom native functionality that each one needs.

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    Fully updated and maintained by the Portals team.

    As native APIs change and new versions of iOS and Android emerge, Portals is kept up-to-date by Ionic’s team of mobile experts. Native devs don’t need to worry about ongoing bug fixes or feature additions. We take care of all of it so you can focus on your app.

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    Rich plugin ecosystem and customizations for accessing native APIs.

    Built on the open source Capacitor runtime, Portals takes advantage of a rich ecosystem of pre-built native plugins that provide quick and easy access to native device features like camera and geolocation, without the hassle of building and maintaining it yourself.

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    Access to enterprise-grade support when you need it.

    Portals customers have the option of accessing Ionic’s enterprise-grade Support and Advisory services, for help with any aspects of a mobile project. Contact our team to learn how to become a customer.

Why Portals is good for business.

  • Reduce maintenance and save time

    Accelerate mobile app development by repurposing existing web assets, empowering your web teams to contribute mobile projects, and avoiding the hassle of DIY solutions that keep you from what’s most important.

  • Delight users with seamless UX

    Deliver iOS and Android native mobile apps with native-to-web embedded transitions and dynamic content that is imperceptible to your users, with full access to the latest device features and APIs.

  • Maintain strict governance and control

    Safely empower your web teams to contribute to your mobile projects, without compromising security. Maintain strict governance over your mobile projects, by controlling which features and data your web teams can access.

  • Scale development for large projects

    Easily enable multiple teams to contribute to the same project, without creating code bottlenecks that slow down app development. This makes scaling app development a breeze.

  • Leverage existing web talent

    Leverage the power of Portals to build new, web-based experiences with the skills you already have. Seamlessly integrate with native features, data, and navigation components.

  • Increase development velocity

    Accelerate mobile app development by tapping into the power of your web development teams. Enable both native and web teams to collaborate in a safe, effective manner.

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