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Ionic Docs

Ionic is a platform for building and delivering modern cross-platform apps from a single codebase across iOS, Android, desktop, and the Web. At the heart of the platform is our open source SDK. Explore guides, examples, and references to help you learn to build incredible Ionic apps.

Get started#

Start building with Ionic’s cross-platform development kit. Build with your preferred JavaScript Framework, such as React, Angular, or Vue. Start with the CLI or use the Ionic App Wizard:

Product Documentation Sets#

Ionic Framework#

Ionic Framework focuses on the frontend UX/UI interactions of an app—UI controls, interactions, gestures, animations, and integrations with React, Angular, and Vue.

Native plugins#

Capacitor enables you to target iOS and Android platforms. Add native functionality and experiences from a collection of open source and premium plugins, solutions, and integrations.

Explore Plugins ->

Offical Enterprise Extentions#

Officially supported by Ionic and ready for enterprise-scale experiences


Appflow cloud services enable development teams to continuously build, automate, and ship their Ionic apps faster than ever.

Ionic CLI#

The Ionic command-line interface (CLI) is the go-to tool for developing Ionic apps.