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The quickstart tutorial walks you through the process of setting up your application with Ionic Appflow, including how to connect your application to Appflow, how to set up the Live Update SDK, and how to configure your first automated Android and iOS builds using native build environments. Simply follow the guide step-by-step, or navigate directly to the documentation for the component that interests you.

Mobile Architectures

Appflow provides first-class support for the following mobile architectures:


Certain Appflow features are not supported for all mobile architectures. For example, Live Updates are only supported in Capacitor and Cordova apps. Keep an eye out for Appflow docs pages containing badges indicating which mobile architectures that page's content is relevant to.


Start the Tutorial

Follow the quickstart tutorial and get up and running with Appflow in no time!


Don't have a CI/CD platform yet? Use Automations to set one up quickly.

Cloud CLI

Already have a CI/CD platform? Use Ionic's cloud products in your pipelines with our CLI.

Live Update Docs

Update your app remotely in real-time without app store delays.

Native Builds Docs

Build app binaries in the cloud for iOS and Android.

Deploy to App Stores

Publish directly to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, directly from your cloud dashboard.