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Develop apps in less time using a powerful cross-platform toolkit.

Even the most skilled teams run into development challenges that limit their ability to keep pace with the demand for new features and functionality. In a survey conducted by Onymos, nearly 30% of engineering leaders reported it takes their team 4 to 6 months to develop a new web or mobile app. Another 28% percent stated it takes 7 to 12+ months to do the same. With the majority 56% noting the increasing workload to maintain those apps year over year and almost 70% of leadership dissatisfied with the time their teams have to innovate, it’s clear their teams must find a better solution to keep up with market and consumer demands.

By empowering teams with tools to build cross-platform mobile apps, Ionic enables developers to deliver hybrid apps 2-3 times faster than those built using native SDKs. Simply put, we make it fast and easy to build fully-featured, performant apps for any platform.

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One codebase, any platform

Cut development times by 50% or more with a solution that lets you build once and deploy anywhere — across mobile, desktop, and web.

Intuitive developer tools

Our developer-friendly tools are easy to adopt, include world-class documentation, and have a thriving developer community.

Expert help

Not a mobile expert? That’s okay. Our team of mobile engineers and development experts can help you navigate obstacles along the way.

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Time to market

Beat your competitors to market.

Time-to-market is important when it comes to the success of your next project. With Ionic, you only need to write your code once before deploying it across iOS, Android, and the web. Using web tools and frameworks your team already knows, you’ll save weeks or even months ramping up development.

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Empower your team

Turn web developers into app developers.

If you’re searching for developers to build your mobile app, you may want to look inward. Talented web developers well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript have the skills necessary to build mobile apps with Ionic. Sidestep the talent shortage, spend less on native developers, and scale development by mobilizing your existing web developers.

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Under the Hood

A complete toolkit to build enterprise-grade hybrid apps.

Mobile UI Toolkit

Ionic Framework – a complete library of 100+ mobile-ready UI components, animations, and gestures. Using adaptive styling, your app looks and feels like a native app regardless of the platform it’s running on, providing users with a familiar experience.

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Cross-Platform Native Runtime

Capacitor – a native bridge enabling the development of mobile apps using web technologies. Hybrid apps run as a native binaries on iOS and Android platforms, have full access to native SDKs, and can be downloaded from the app stores just like any other native mobile app.

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Native APIs & 3rd Party Integrations

A rich ecosystem of native plugins and solutions, with the benefit of timely support, upgrades, and fixes. Ionic plugins provide a secure, reliable foundation for teams building enterprise-grade apps. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the native plugins you depend on are built and maintained by a team you can trust

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