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An app that delivers a modern interface and seamless user experience can take your business to new heights. Let Ionic help you get there.

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Accelerate app development without the added costs.

Even the most successful companies run into app development obstacles that limit development capabilities and result in a watered-down final product. Many enterprises report that it takes them 7 to 12 months to build an app, and by then the technology is already outdated.

By empowering teams with solutions that work across all platforms, we enable developers to meet the demand for high-quality mobile apps 2-3 times faster than native. Simply put, we make it really easy to build an app.

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One codebase, any platform

Cut development times by 50% or more with a solution that lets you build once and deploy anywhere — across mobile, desktop, and web.

Fast, intuitive app building

Our developer-friendly approach is easy to adopt, with world class documentation, a supportive community, and powerful tooling.

Expert help at every step

Not a mobile expert? That’s okay. Our team of mobile engineers and development experts can help you navigate any challenges.

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Time to market

Life moves fast. So should your app development.

Time-to-market is important when it comes to the success of your company’s app. With Ionic, you only need to write your code once, after which you’ll be ready to deploy it across iOS, Android, and the web. Equipped with the web tools and frameworks that your team already knows and loves, you’ll save weeks or even months on getting up to speed on a new coding environment.

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Empower your team

Enable your web developers to rise to the occasion.

If you’re looking for talent to build out your mobile app, you may want to look right under your nose. You already have a talented cast of in-house web developers who are likely well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ionic enables your team to address the developer talent shortage by building with the web tools they know and love. In turn? You spend less money on hiring outside talent and enable your current developers to take on more.

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under the hood

A more expressive, efficient, and rich way to build.

Mobile UI Toolkit

A mobile UI toolkit that comes with 100+ mobile-ready UI components, animations, and gestures. With an Adaptive Styling feature that ensures the look and feel of your app adapts to whatever platform its running on, you can be sure that customers will always enjoy a seamless, sophisticated digital experience.

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Cross-platform native runtime

The engine of the Ionic development experience. If a native app is what you seek, our Capacitor native runtime can deliver just that. Capacitor apps run as a native binary on iOS or Android devices, have full access to native SDKs, and can be downloaded in the app store just like any other native mobile app. Because at the end of the day, Capacitor apps are native apps.

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Native device APIs & 3rd party integrations

Unlock a rich ecosystem of native plugins and solutions, with the benefit of timely support, upgrades, and fixes. Ionic plugins provide a secure, reliable foundation for teams building enterprise-grade apps with Ionic. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the native plugins you depend on are built and maintained by a team you can trust

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What else can Ionic do for you?

Protect your users & data

With advanced biometric authentication and the latest in secure storage, Ionic is always working to protect users from data loss and unauthorized access.

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To delivery and beyond

The work doesn’t stop once your app hits the shelves. We ensure continuous delivery of mobile applications and dedicated support when you need it most.

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Let’s talk app strategy

Connect with an Ionic Solutions Engineer for a tailored discussion on how Ionic can jumpstart your app dev strategy.

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