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A leading Content Management System, powered by Ionic, makes it easy to build, ship, and manage cross-platform mobile and tablet apps without any coding required.

Siberian CMS is an Open Source Content Management System that helps agencies and individuals build their own web and mobile apps using visual design tools and customizable templates. Over 150,000 users and 2,000 enterprise clients are using Siberian CMS from Xtraball to generate their own iOS, Android, and web applications, all without having to work in native code. The company also offers a marketplace of 3rd party applications and services that users can plug in to their applications to extend their capabilities. 

Siberian CMS decided to build their entire mobile application stack on top of Ionic Framework, to leverage the cross-platform capabilities and web-based nature of Ionic. 

Here’s full the story behind why they chose Ionic.

Use of familiar web tools vs. native code

According to Aladin El Hedri, Xtraball CEO, the use of common web tools like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, played a big part in choosing Ionic over native code.

“First of all we needed an HTML language. From the start we focused on not building the CMS on native languages because we wanted to have a larger community of developers who were speaking the same language. It was clear to us from the start we needed web languages not native.

“We determined that building the CMS on Ionic Framework saves us 60% development time vs native coding, and 80% savings on maintenance vs maintaining native code. We can also hire developers in half the time.”

We determined that building the CMS on Ionic Framework saves us 60% development time vs native coding, and 80% savings on maintenance vs maintaining native code. We can also hire developers in half the time.

Aladin El Hedri, Xtraball CEO

Library of cross-platform UI components 

Siberian CMS for Mobile and Web Apps leverages Ionic Framework components for features, such as booking or m-commerce functions, along with mobile-optimized graphics and navigation. Siberian CMS makes it simple to add common display components to applications without extensive technical knowledge – and without having to worry about compatibility across platforms. 

Because Ionic Framework UI components are already tested to make sure they look great on Android and iOS platforms, Siberian CMS users can quickly and easily build apps with consistent brand and user experience across platforms.

Use of Ionic Themes to help customize look & feel

Alex-Yves Crepin explains how Ionic themes and design patterns help Siberian CMS users create custom designs that are consistent across platforms.

“A big part of Siberian CMS is the ability to customize. We really wanted the client to be able to make each application look unique. We did a lot of work to provide different templates and layouts, each one individually, highly customizable.

“Every color is based on the library of colors from Ionic. And each color is directly linked from our Siberian CMS color management page to the Ionic look and feel components. So users are free to pick different colors and this helps them know directly what they will modify or edit.” 

What’s next for Siberian CMS

The Siberian CMS team and community add four to five new functional features every month, in addition to a constant drumbeat of new layouts, templates and icons. New functionality includes advanced calendaring and booking, and a unique feature to lock content and make it available only to certain users or groups.

A powerful new module contributed by the CMS community allows the creation of a compatible web landing page from mobile applications. The landing page can be customized just like the mobile application, given its own domain name for tracking purposes, and can be hosted by the Siberian CMS itself. Observed lead developer Alex-Yves Crepin: “This works very well for many small businesses….most small businesses generally don’t have the resources to build and run their own websites. This module allows them to extend their mobile application, add to their website and show something unique to their clients about what they offer.”

If you’d like to learn more about Siberian CMS for Mobile and Web Apps' app building capabilities, check out their free edition or one of their premium packages.

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