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Getting Started Guide

Using your Product Key

To use Ionic Portals, you need to have a product key. If you don't have a product key please contact sales to run a pilot.

Once you have been provided access to a key head over to the Ionic Dashboard.

Clicking the copy button will copy the entire key to your clipboard:


Later in these docs this key will be referred to as YOUR_PORTALS_KEY.

From here, continue on to configuring the key in your Portals application.


You only need to register for a product key once for each organization you belong to. You can return to the Portals Key section of the Ionic Dashboard to retrieve your key at any time.

Supported Platform Versions

PlatformLatest Portals VersionMinimum Supported Platform Version
iOS0.11.0iOS 13.0
Android0.10.2Android SDK 22
React Native0.7.0React Native 0.74.2