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Reference Apps

Ionic Secure Solutions Starter (Angular)

Ionic Secure Solutions Starter is free starter app for activating Ionic's Secure Solutions. It comes pre-configured with Ionic Identity Vault, Auth Connect, and Secure Storage.

Security Trifecta

The Security Trifecta application demonstrates the use of Ionic's Secure Storage solution to provide an example of an offline-first implementation with backend sync that can be used as the foundation for full featured implementation. This application uses Ionic's Auth Connect solution to provide authentication and Ionic's Identity Vault solution to manage the authentication session as well as manage the encryption key for the Secure Storage database.

Versions exist for each of the following frameworks:

Ionifits (Angular)

Ionifits is an example implementation of a Human Resources app (the name is a play on Zenefits, by which it's inspired). It utilizes the complete Ionic enterprise stack, including a UI powered by Ionic Framework, native apps built with Capacitor, mobile CI/CD with Appflow, authentication powered by Auth Connect and Identity Vault, and encrypted data storage powered by Secure Storage.

Specifically, Ionifits uses Secure Storage to encrypt user-entered expenses data. Additionally, it manages the encryption key with Identity Vault using the techniques described here.

Key Value Store (Angular)

This application uses the KeyValueStorage API to add offline capabilities. It makes API calls and caches the results encrypted using Secure Storage. It will display the cached data when offline and to improve performance.