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CLI Command - poc

One common scenario during the Portals development lifecycle is that a Portal has been defined in the Native application but there is not yet a web application available to test against it. This command is meant resolve this scenario and allow native developers to have confidence in how the Portal was configured.

The poc command will download a prebuilt example application to a predefined directory. The portal can then be configured to point to this application for testing purposes. The web application reflects the initialContext and plugins that have been exposed. You can also even use the web application to test some pub/sub interactions.


portals poc [flags]


poc, sample-app


portals poc [--destination path/to/copy/web/apps]


  • --destination (string) The location to download the web application to.
  • -h, --help help for sync

Global Flags:

  • --config (string) config file (default is $PWD/.portals.yaml)