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Known Issues

Objective-C App Delegate

Capacitor (due to a dependency on Cordova for legacy compatibility resons) contains an AppDelegate that will clash with any other Objective-C AppDelegate. To workaround this issue, you will need to rename your applications AppDelegate to something else:

@interface MYAppDelegate : UIReeponder <UIApplicationDelegate>
@implementation MYAppDelegate


All versions of IonicPortals on iOS prior to 0.6.5 contain a bug where Capacitor takes control as the UNNotificationCenterDelegate. Upgrading to 0.6.5 will resolve the issue.

Swift Package Manager Integration

There are currently two separate, but similar issues when integrating IonicPortals as an SPM dependency. Both manifest themselves as Invalid Bundle errors from App Store Connect

IonicPortals as a single target dependency

Capacitor v3.5.1 has an issue where it has an embedded Cordova.framework. This causes uploading to App Store Connect to fail with error codes ITMS-90205 and ITMS-90206. The workaround is to delete the embedded framework as part of your build process:

First, select the affected scheme in Xcode and click "Edit Scheme...":

XCode scheme selector

Next, expand the "Build" drop down and select "Post-actions" to run the script after your build has completed:

Scheme editor with build drop down expanded and post-actions selected

Then, click the "+" button and select "New Run Script Action":

Post-actions scheme editor with plus button selected and New Run Script Action highlighted

In the Run Script Action editor, select the target whose build settings you need to inherit:

Run script action editor with build settings drop-down selected

Finally, add the following script in the script editor:

rm -rf "${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/${PRODUCT_NAME}.app/Frameworks/Capacitor.framework/Frameworks"

script entered into script editor

IonicPortals as a multi-target dependency

When using IonicPortals as a multi-target dependency across Application and Framework targets, Xcode embeds Capacitor.framework, Cordova.framework, IonicLiveUpdates.framework, and IonicPortals.framework into your Framework targets as well.

To avoid this altogether, you can migrate your Frameworks to be Swift Packages. However, if migrating framework targets to be Swift Packages isn't an option, then in addition to the steps outlined in IonicPortals as a single target dependency add the following to the "Run Script Action" configured in that section:

rm -rf "${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/${PRODUCT_NAME}.app/Frameworks/YourFrameworkUsingPortals.framework/Frameworks"

additional script entered into script editor