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Version: 3.x

Auth Connect Support Policy

This policy is for Auth Connect as maintained by Ionic. Capacitor Core, Capacitor Plugins, or any additional plugins maintained by Ionic are not covered by this support policy.

Current Support Status

VersionStatusReleasedActive Support EndsLong-Term Support Ends
V1Not SupportedJun 17, 2019April 17, 2020April 17, 2021
V2Not SupportedApril 17, 2020June 10, 2020June 10, 2021
V3Active SupportJune 10, 2020TBDTBD

Support Policy

Ionic enterprise products are covered by a 3-stage support plan to ensure that all customers have the best experience with Ionic products and are able to receive our excellent standard of care. These steps are outlined as follows:

Stage 1: Active Support

During the active support period of a product, the entirety of Ionic’s customer support services are available to teams using this enterprise product.

Stage 2: Long Term Support

Long Term Support is available to all enterprise products after active support has ended. This duration typically lasts for a period of 12 months, unless otherwise specified. During this stage, most elements of Ionic’s customer support services are available, however products in this stage will only receive bug and security fixes, no new feature requests or updates will be accepted.

Stage 3: Not Supported

After the period of time for Long Term Support has ended, the product will indefinitely enter the Not Supported stage. Products will still be accessible and usable in this stage, however, support for these versions is limited to existing documentation, knowledge base article or community support. Ionic’s customer support services are not available for products in this stage.

We recommend that customers update their software to the latest released version available to enjoy the most stable and complete experience. Ionic offers solutions, workarounds, and other fixes to the best of our ability and at our own discretion. There may be times when the only valid solution is to upgrade to the most recent version of a product.

For trial users, support is only offered for the most recent release of a product.

We recommend scheduling time to upgrade before the Long Term Support period. Once a product reaches the end of Long Term Support, there will be no additional product support or bug fixes, even if your support contract extends beyond that time.

As an example, if you are currently using Identity Vault 5, Ionic may release a series of fixes and feature releases: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, etc. During this time, Identity Vault version 5 is covered under the Active Support stage and all customer support services are available.

When Identity Vault 6 is released, Identity Vault 5 will enter Long Term Support for 12 months and will continue to receive critical bug fixes. You will still be able to receive support through our customer support as well during this period as long as your support contract is still active. At the end of the 12 month period, Identity Vault 5 will move from Long Term Support to Not Supported and no additional support will be provided through Ionic customer support.

This support policy covers all products currently supported as of the time of publication and beyond. Ionic reserves the right to make changes to this Support Policy. It is intended exclusively for customers who have purchased Ionic Enterprise products and is not applicable to any open source products that Ionic may maintain. The support status of current and legacy versions will be updated to reflect any changes.