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Advanced Configuration

Portals instances can be further configured by providing a Capacitor Configuration to the Portal.

Capacitor Config File

Providing a Capacitor Configuration json file with your web assets will configure Capacitor with the provided settings.

Place your capacitor.config.json file in your Portal web assets directory within the assets directory of your Android project. For example, if your Portal assets are in assets/myportal then place the config file in the root of that directory.

Live Updates

Config files can be updated by placing them in your Live Update build assets. Any capacitor.config.json file found in the root of a Live Update payload will be used as a priority over one provided in the bundled assets of the app.

Programmatic Configuration

Portals for Android allows you to provide a programmatically defined Capacitor Configuration to customize the behavior of Capacitor in each instance of a Portal.


A config defined in code and applied to a Portal will be used as a priority over any config file provided in the assets directory bundled with the app AND any provided in a Live Update.


val fragment = PortalFragment(portal)

* Create your configuration and apply it to
* the Portal fragment before using it
val myConfig = CapConfig.Builder(this)


.replace(, fragment)