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Advanced Configuration

Portals instances can be further configured by providing a Capacitor Configuration to the Portal.

Capacitor Config File

The easiest approach for configuring a Portal is to let the web application include a Capacitor Configuration in the form of a capacitor.config.json in the root of its build folder. Portals will provide the Capacitor runtime with the configuration and no intervention is needed on the part of the native team.


Each Portal may have its own config file.

Programmatic Capacitor Configuration

To programmatically configure Capacitor, use the configuring method on Portal to override any default Capacitor configuration:

let portal = Portal(name: "foo")
.configuring(\.loggingBehavior, .none)
.configuring(\.allowLinkPreviews, true)
.configuring(\.isWebDebuggable, false)

In the event the same value is configured both programmatically and via capacitor.config.json, the programmatic configuration takes precedence.