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Stencil Enterprise

Bring your company’s design system to life.

Reduce design debt, connect disparate tech teams, and enforce brand consistency at scale with code-based, world-class design systems that work everywhere.

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Stencil is a cross-platform, adaptable toolchain for building reusable, scalable Design Systems.

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    Universal Components

    Enforce brand consistency with a universal component library that runs everywhere.

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    Framework Agnostic

    Empower your teams to build with the tools, libraries, and frameworks they know & love.

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    The only enterprise-grade solution that’s backed by world-class support and services.

Guide to Building Design Systems with Web Components

Interested in building Design Systems with Web Components? Our new guide breaks down everything you need to know.

Critical Capabilities

Custom user interface components—at scale.

Design, create, and share fully-custom real-code components that match your brand standards and UX guidelines to work just the way you want them to.

  • Cross-platform user experiences

    Create a single, shared UI library or design system that works great across mobile, desktop, and web. The components you build with Stencil will look and feel great on any platform or device.

  • UI Components Background

    Create custom UI components

    Stencil allows developers to create fully custom components that encapsulate rich features and functionality, and can be reused and repurposed to save time and eliminate rework.

  • Deploy with any JavaScript Framework

    Empower your web development teams to use the tools they know and love, without forcing them to standardize on a single tech stack. Stencil’s framework-agnostic design provides support for any JS framework, including Angular, React, Vue, or vanilla custom elements.

  • Optimized for performance across all environments

    Deliver a great user experience with ultra-fast UI components and applications that perform well wherever they run. Compared to using Custom Elements directly, Stencil provides extra APIs that makes writing fast components simpler.

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    Use in any modern web browser

    Ship with confidence knowing the apps you build with Stencil Enterprise will work on the browsers and applications your users care about. Stencil is designed to work in any modern browser, with polyfills available for browsers that do not support the latest features and APIs.

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    Powerful, developer-friendly tooling

    Developer-friendly tooling that includes TypeScript support, JSX, async rendering and reactive databinding. Plus a small API that’s stable and easy to learn.


Scale-up with no extra effort

With Stencil Enterprise, our Ionic Experts become your development partner to ensure on-time app delivery, avoid technical debt, and eliminate project risk. From timely support to code reviews and personalized team training—we’ve got you covered.

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    Dedicated CS Manager

    Work with dedicated Customer Success representatives who understand your business, your team, and your unique project goals and challenges. Our world-class team of Stencil experts is dedicated to helping you.

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    Priority issue resolution

    Need help with Stencil related issues? As a Stencil Enterprise customer your issues go right to the front of the line, with priority issue resolution and hot-fixes to keep your projects on track.

  • Lists
    Helpdesk ticketing

    No more chasing down GitHub issues. If you need help, simply file a ticket in our self-service ticketing system, or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for rapid response and diagnostics.

  • Questions and Answers
    Guaranteed response SLA

    Rest easy knowing that our team of experts is here to help. As part of your customer agreement, you’ll receive guaranteed SLAs around how quickly our team will respond to any Stencil related issues you encounter.

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    Expertise from Stencil engineers

    Have an issue? Why not go straight to the source. The same engineers who build and maintain the open source Stencil are here to help you succeed. Nobody understands our technology better than we do.

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    A trusted foundation to count on

    If you’re building a mission-critical project, you can’t afford to leave anything to chance. Protect your investment with enterprise-grade support and timely assistance when you need, with Stencil Enterprise.

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Trusted by enterprise. Loved by developers.

Development teams all over the world build with Stencil. Join our global community of developers—5 million members strong and counting. Share ideas, ask questions, and build new connections to unlock the best development experience.

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Reduce design debt, connect tech teams, and enforce brand consistency at scale