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Native Previews

Previews on Android devices

Install .APK files created by Android debug builds directly on your Android device. Simply scan the QR code provided in Appflow to get started.

Access the QR code for an Android build on the Builds list in Appflow or from the build details page.

Android Preview Builds List

Scanning the QR code with an Android device will open the .apk file to be installed. You may need to bypass a warning or update your settings to allow for third-party app installations on your device.

Native App Previews

Preview your app directly in the browser via a secure public URL with Appetize. Appflow makes it easy to upload an iOS simulator or Android debug build directly to Appetize.


Native app preview URLs contain unguessable cryptographically generated 128-bit random string (a.k.a. publicKey). By default, anybody who has your app's link, i.e. its publicKey, will have permission to run your app. Use your discretion while sharing this URL externally.

Building a Native App Preview

An powered native app preview can be generated on demand for each build.

When performing a new Build, you should choose "iOS" or "Android" as the target platform, ensure the Build type is "Simulator" (for iOS) or "Debug" (for Android), then toggle "Native app preview" to Enabled.

Native Preview Build Toggle

After the build succeeds, you'll be able to click the eye icon in your builds list to view that Native app preview:

Native Preview Build List Link

See the Appetize docs to learn about all the features of Appetize.