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Static Portals Configuration File

An additional configuration method is now included to support a JSON configuration file to configure Portals on application start. The JSON file must be named portals.config.json and be placed in the application root on iOS and assets root on Android.

JSON Schema

This Typescript schema is for illustration purposes only.

type PortalConfig = {
// The name of the public key file for secure live updates. If secure
// live updates are not being used, this field is not needed.
// Must be located in the Bundle.main root on iOS and assets root on Android.
liveUpdatesKey?: string;
// The portals registration key normally passed to `register`.
// This can be omitted if the `register` function is called before
// attempting to render any portals in code.
registrationKey?: string;

Example Configuration

"registrationKey": "YOUR_PORTALS_KEY",