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Supported Plugins

Supported Plugins are a library of fully supported Capacitor and Cordova plugins and third-party integrations for teams building enterprise-grade apps with Ionic.

What is a Supported Plugin?

For teams building mission-critical apps, our Supported Plugins are a curated collection of plugins that are actively supported and maintained by Ionic, with stability assurances and guaranteed to work on all major platforms and versions.

Take on mobile projects with peace of mind, knowing the native features, security, and performance you need will just work - now and in the future.

Our Supported Plugins are supported and maintained by the Ionic team, but are sourced from popular community plugins. You have dedicated support, SLAs, security patches, and more available with Supported Plugins.

Community Plugins
Supported Plugins
Contact Us
MaintainerOSS CommunityIonic
Regular Release Cycles & UpdatesNo
Support SLA & Ticketing SystemNo
Advisory & SupportNo
Security & Bug fixesOSS Community
Implementation GuidanceNo
Guaranteed SLANo
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Which Plugins Should I Choose?

The same native functionality may be implemented by plugins existing in several different portions of the plugin ecosystem. This issue is compounded in Capacitor based projects since Capacitor is capable of supporting Capacitor and Cordova based plugins.

As such, for Capacitor based applications we suggest choosing the plugin to use based on the following hierarchy:

  1. Capacitor Official Plugins (@capacitor scoped plugins, supported by Ionic)
  2. Cordova Supported Plugins (See the "Cordova Plugin APIs" section here, supported by Ionic)
  3. Capacitor Community Plugins (@capacitor-community scoped plugins)
  4. Cordova Community Plugins

As an example, if you want to access the camera, favor the @capacitor/camera plugin over @ionic-enterprise/camera, which is a Cordova plugin. The @ionic-enterprise/camera plugin is favored over the community based Cordova camera plugin.

If you are using Cordova to implement your native layer, you need to drop the Capacitor plugins and consider the plugins using just the following hierarchy:

  1. Cordova Supported Plugins (See the "Cordova Plugin APIs" section here, supported by Ionic)
  2. Cordova Community Plugins

Plugin List

Accelerate your app development with powerful solutions to common enterprise use cases. Ionic’s growing library are ready to deploy into any of the apps you build.

Supported Plugins

Integrated Services

Looking for our Native Solutions?

Our Native Solutions go above and beyond our Supported Plugins with advanced Security & Authentication functionality you can trust.

Auth Connect

Connect to your authentication providers from any mobile device.

Identity Vault

Lock down sensitive data with advanced biometrics.

Secure Storage

A flexible mobile storage solution for offline-first experiences.

Ionic Payments

Collect payment from customers securely and efficiently using Google Pay and Apple Pay.