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The Splash Screen plugin provides control options for displaying and hiding a splash screen, commonly during application launch.


If you have not already setup Ionic Enterprise in your app, follow the one-time setup steps.

Next, install the plugin:

Available as a core Capacitor plugin.


You can add the following preferences in your config.xml:

  • AutoHideSplashScreen (boolean, default to true). Indicates whether to hide splash screen automatically or not. The splash screen is hidden after the amount of time specified in the SplashScreenDelay preference.

      <preference name="AutoHideSplashScreen" value="true" />
  • SplashScreenDelay (number, default to 3000). Amount of time in milliseconds to wait before automatically hide splash screen. This value used to be in seconds (but is now milliseconds) so values less than 30 will continue to be treated as seconds. (Consider this a deprecated patch that will disapear in some future version.)

        <preference name="SplashScreenDelay" value="3000" />
  • FadeSplashScreen (boolean, defaults to true): Set to false to prevent the splash screen from fading in and out when its display state changes.

      <preference name="FadeSplashScreen" value="false"/>
  • FadeSplashScreenDuration (float, defaults to 500): Specifies the number of milliseconds for the splash screen fade effect to execute.

      <preference name="FadeSplashScreenDuration" value="750"/>
  • ShowSplashScreenSpinner (boolean, defaults to true): Set to false to hide the splash screen spinner.

      <preference name="ShowSplashScreenSpinner" value="false"/>

Android Only Preferences

  • SplashMaintainAspectRatio preference is optional. If set to true, the splash screen drawable is not stretched to fit the full screen, but instead simply "covers" the screen, like CSS "background-size:cover". This is very useful when splash screen images cannot be distorted in any way, for example when they contain scenery or text. This setting works best with images that have large margins (safe areas) that can be safely cropped on screens with different aspect ratios. The splash screen plugin reloads the splash screen whenever the orientation changes so that you can specify different splash screen images for portrait and landscape orientations.

      <preference name="SplashMaintainAspectRatio" value="true" />
  • SplashShowOnlyFirstTime preference is optional and defaults to true. When set to true the splash screen will only appear on application launch. However, if you plan to use to close the application and force the splash screen appear on the application's next launch, you should set this property to false (this also applies to closing the application with the Back button).

      <preference name="SplashShowOnlyFirstTime" value="true" />
  • SplashScreenSpinnerColor preference is also optional and is ignored when not set. Setting it to a valid color name or HEX color code will change the color of the spinner on Android 5.0+ devices.

      <preference name="SplashScreenSpinnerColor" value="white" />






name: Splash Screen

description: This plugin displays and hides a splash screen during application launch. The methods below allows showing and hiding the splashscreen after the app has loaded.


import { SplashScreen } from '@ionic-enterprise/splashscreen/ngx';

constructor(private splashScreen: SplashScreen) { }




hide(): void

Hides the splashscreen

Returns: void


show(): void

Shows the splashscreen

Returns: void

Release Notes

5.0.3 (May 09, 2019)

  • Update CI configuration and README (#210, #208, #198, #194)
  • Add or update GitHub pull request and issue template
  • CB-13826 Incremented plugin version.
  • CB-12277 (android) avoid NullPointerException on splashImageView when removing splashscreen

5.0.2 (Jan 24, 2018)

  • CB-13750 Add build-tools-26.0.2 to travis
  • CB-13737 (iOS): fix Splash screen images for iPhone X

5.0.1 (Dec 27, 2017)

  • CB-13709 Fix to allow 5.0.0 version install (#144)

5.0.0 (Dec 15, 2017)

4.1.0 (Nov 06, 2017)

  • CB-13473 (CI) Removed Browser builds from AppVeyor
  • CB-12011 (android) added the possibility to change the spinner color on Android 5.0+ apps
  • CB-13028 (CI) Browser builds on Travis and AppVeyor
  • CB-13094 (android) Don't show splash when activity being finished
  • CB-11487 (browser) Documented AutoHideSplashScreen for Browser
  • CB-11488 (browser) The hide() call became non re-entrant after the addition of fade out. This fixes the issue.
  • CB-11487 (browser) The standard AutoHideSplashScreen config.xml property is now supported by the Browser platform.
  • CB-11486 (browser) splashScreenDelay now feed through parseInt to ensure it is an integer by the time it's value is passed in to setTimeout() in hide().
  • CB-12847 added bugs entry to package.json.

4.0.3 (Apr 27, 2017)

  • CB-12622 Added Android 6.0 build badge to README
  • CB-12685 added package.json to tests folder

4.0.2 (Feb 28, 2017)

  • CB-12353 Corrected merges usage in plugin.xml
  • CB-12369 Add plugin typings from DefinitelyTyped
  • CB-12363 Added build badges for iOS 9.3 and iOS 10.0
  • CB-12230 Removed Windows 8.1 build badges

4.0.1 (Dec 07, 2016)

  • CB-12224 Updated version and for release 4.0.1
  • CB-11751 'extendedSplashScreen' is undefined Document that splashscreen needs to be disabled on Windows in case of updating entire document body
  • CB-9287 Not enough Icons and Splashscreens for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1
  • CB-11917 - Remove pull request template checklist item: "iCLA has been submitted…"
  • CB-11830 (iOS) Fix doc typos in PR#114
  • CB-11829 (iOS) Support for CB-9762; docs (CB-11830)
  • CB-11832 Incremented plugin version.

4.0.0 (Sep 08, 2016)

  • CB-11795 Add 'protective' entry to cordovaDependencies
  • CB-11326 Prevent crash when initializing plugin after navigating to another URL
  • Fix crash on iOS when reloading page from remote Safari
  • Add badges for paramedic builds on Jenkins
  • Add pull request template.
  • CB-11179 Extend the windows-splashscreen docs
  • CB-11159 Fix flaky splashscreen native tests
  • CB-11156 Change default FadeSplashScreenDuration value
  • CB-8056 Updated the dependency version, added it to the docs
  • CB-10996 Adding front matter to
  • CB-8056 Implement splashscreen for Windows platform
  • CB-6498 Misleading documentation in Android Quirks

3.2.2 (Apr 15, 2016)

  • CB-10979 Fix splashscreen iOS native tests. Added jshintignore for tests/ios
  • CB-10895 Transparent Splashscreen view sometimes remains
  • CB-10562 hide() not working in latest splashscreen plug in 3.1.0 in iOS
  • CB-10688 Plugin Splashscreen Readme must have examples.
  • CB-10864 Run iOS native tests on Travis

3.2.1 (Mar 09, 2016)

  • CB-10764 Remove emoji in cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • CB-10650 Non-index content.src causes Splashscreen to be not displayed on Browser
  • CB-10636 Add JSHint for plugins
  • CB-10606 fix deprecation warning for interfaceOrientation on iOS
  • chore: edit package.json license to match SPDX id

3.2.0 (Feb 09, 2016)

  • CB-10422 Splashscreen displays black screen with no image on Android
  • CB-10412 AutoHideSplashScreen "false" isn't taken in account on iOS
  • CB-9516 Android SplashScreen - Spinner Does Not Display
  • CB-9094 Smarter autohide logic on Android
  • CB-8396 Add AutoHideSplashScreen logic to Android's Splashscreen

3.1.0 (Jan 15, 2016)

  • CB-9538 Implementing FadeSplashScreen feature for Android
  • CB-9240 Cordova splash screen plugin iPad landscape mode issue
  • CB-10263 Fix splashscreen plugin filenames for Asset Catalog
  • CB-9374 Android add SplashShowOnlyFirstTime as preference
  • CB-10244 Don't rotate the iPhone 6 Plus splash
  • CB-9043 Fix the ios splashscreen being deformed on orientation change
  • CB-10079 Splashscreen plugin does not honor SplashScreenDelay on iOS
  • CB-10231 Fix FadeSplashScreen to default to true on iOS

3.0.0 (Nov 18, 2015)

  • CB-10035 Updated RELEASENOTES to be newest to oldest
  • Fixing contribute link.
  • CB-9750 FadeSplashDuration is now in msecs
  • CB-8875 FadeSplashScreen was not fading
  • CB-9467 SplashScreen does not show any image in hosted app on Windows 10
  • CB-7282 Document AutoHideSplashScreenpreference
  • CB-9327 - Splashscreen not receiving CDVPageLoadNotification
  • WP8: Avoid config value of a wrong element.

2.1.0 (Jun 17, 2015)

  • added missing license headers
  • CB-9128 cordova-plugin-splashscreen documentation translation: cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • fix npm md issue
  • Fixed iOS unit tests.
  • CB-3562: Disable screen rotation for iPhone when splash screen is shown. (closes #47)
  • CB-8988: Fix rotation on iOS/iPad (closes #46)
  • CB-8904: Don't reset the static variable when it's destroyed, otherwise we might as well just have a member variable
  • Removed wp7 from plugin.xml and package.json
  • CB-8750 [wp8]: Rewrite resoultion helper
  • CB-8750 [wp8]: Allow resolution-specific splashscreen images
  • CB-8758 [wp8]: UnauthorizedAccessException on hide()

2.0.0 (Apr 15, 2015)

  • give users a way to install the bleeding edge.
  • CB-8746 gave plugin major version bump
  • CB-8797 - Splashscreen preferences FadeSplashScreenDuration and FadeSplashScreen (iOS) are missing
  • CB-8836 - Crashes after animating splashscreen
  • CB-8753 android: Fix missing import in previous commit
  • CB-8753 android: Adds SplashMaintainAspectRatio preference (close #43)
  • CB-8683 changed plugin-id to pacakge-name
  • CB-8653 properly updated translated docs to use new id
  • CB-8653 updated translated docs to use new id
  • CB-8345 Make default for splashscreen resource "screen" (which is what template and CLI assume it to be)
  • Revert "CB-8345 android: Make "splash" the default resource ID instead of null"
  • Use TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR, install paramedic by npm
  • CB-8345 android: Make "splash" the default resource ID instead of null
  • docs: added Windows to supported platforms
  • CB-7964 Add cordova-plugin-splashscreen support for browser platform
  • CB-8653 Updated Readme
  • [wp8] oops, Added back config parse result checks
  • [WP8] code cleanup, minor refactors, comments to clarify some stuff.
  • Extend WP8 Splash Screen to respect SplashScreen and SplashScreenDelay preferences from config file
  • CB-8574 Integrate TravisCI
  • CB-8438 cordova-plugin-splashscreen documentation translation: cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • CB-8538 Added package.json file
  • CB-8397 Add support to 'windows' for showing the Windows Phone splashscreen

1.0.0 (Feb 04, 2015)

0.3.5 (Dec 02, 2014)

  • CB-7204 - Race condition when hiding and showing spinner (closes #21)
  • CB-7700 cordova-plugin-splashscreen documentation translation: cordova-plugin-splashscreen

0.3.4 (Oct 03, 2014)

  • Finalized iOS splash screen (image name) tests. 176 tests in all, 44 for each type of device (iPad, iPhone, iPhone5, iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus).
  • CB-7633 - (Re-fix based on updated unit tests) iPhone 6 Plus support
  • Updated iOS tests for locked orientations
  • Added more iOS splash screen tests.
  • CB-7633 - Add support for iPhone 6/6+
  • Added failing iPhone 6/6 Plus tests.
  • Added 'npm test'
  • CB-7663 - iOS unit tests for splash screen
  • Properly formatted splashscreen preference docs.

0.3.3 (Sep 17, 2014)

  • CB-7249 cordova-plugin-splashscreen documentation translation
  • Renamed test dir, added nested plugin.xml
  • added documentation for manual tests
  • CB-7196 port splashscreen tests to framework

0.3.2 (Aug 06, 2014)

  • CB-6127 Updated translations for docs
  • CB-7041 ios: Fix image filename logic when setting the iPad splash screen
  • fixes Splashscreen crash on WP8
  • Remove outdated doc

0.3.1 (Jun 05, 2014)

  • documentation translation: cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • Lisa testing pulling in plugins for plugin: cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • Lisa testing pulling in plugins for plugin: cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • Lisa testing pulling in plugins for plugin: cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • Lisa testing pulling in plugins for plugin: cordova-plugin-splashscreen
  • CB-6810 Add license to
  • [wp8] updated quirk for and combined iOS,WP8,BB10 quirks as they are all the same
  • [wp] implemented OnInit so splash screen can be shown before cordova page is loaded
  • [wp] plugin must be autoloaded for AutoHideSplashScreen preference to work
  • CB-6483 Use splash screen image from manifest on Windows8
  • CB-6491 add
  • Revert "Merge branch 'tizen' of"

0.3.0 (Apr 17, 2014)

  • Add Tizen support to plugin
  • CB-6422: [windows8] use cordova/exec/proxy
  • CB-4051: [ios] - Re-fix - Splashscreen rotation problem (closes #13)
  • CB-6460: Update license headers
  • CB-6465: Add license headers to Tizen code
  • Add NOTICE file

0.2.7 (Feb 05, 2014)

  • CB-3562 Fix aspect ratio on landscape-only iPhone applications
  • CB-4051 fix for splashscreen rotation problem

0.2.6 (Jan 02, 2014)

  • CB-5658 Add doc/ for Splashscreen plugin
  • Handle error when splash image is missing.

0.2.5 (Dec 4, 2013)

  • add ubuntu platform
  • Added amazon-fireos platform. Change to use amazon-fireos as a platform if the user agent string contains 'cordova-amazon-fireos'
  • CB-5124 - Remove splashscreen config.xml values from iOS Configuration Docs, move to plugin docs

0.2.4 (Oct 28, 2013)

  • CB-5128: add repo + issue tag to plugin.xml for splashscreen plugin
  • CB-5010 Incremented plugin version on dev branch.

0.2.3 (Oct 9, 2013)

  • CB-4806 Re-fix Update splashscreen image bounds for iOS 7
  • CB-4934 plugin-splashscreen should not show by default on Windows8
  • CB-4929 plugin-splashscreen not loading proxy windows8
  • CB-4915 Incremented plugin version on dev branch.

0.2.2 (Sept 25, 2013)

  • CB-4889 bumping&resetting version
  • CB-4889 renaming org.apache.cordova.core.splashscreen to org.apache.cordova.splashscreen
  • Rename ->
  • CB-4806 Update splashscreen image bounds for iOS 7
  • CB-4752 Incremented plugin version on dev branch.