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App Rate

The App Rate plugin makes it easy to prompt the user to rate your app - either now, later, or never.


If you have not already setup Ionic Enterprise in your app, follow the one-time setup steps.

Next, install the plugin:

npm install @ionic-enterprise/app-rate
npx cap sync







name: App Rate

description: The AppRate plugin makes it easy to prompt the user to rate your app, either now, later, or never.


import { AppRate } from '@ionic-enterprise/app-rate/ngx';

constructor(private appRate: AppRate) { }

// set certain preferences
this.appRate.preferences.storeAppURL = {
ios: '<app_id>',
android: 'market://details?id=<package_name>',
windows: 'ms-windows-store://review/?ProductId=<store_id>'


// or, override the whole preferences object
this.appRate.preferences = {
usesUntilPrompt: 3,
storeAppURL: {
ios: '<app_id>',
android: 'market://details?id=<package_name>',
windows: 'ms-windows-store://review/?ProductId=<store_id>'


interfaces: AppRatePreferences AppUrls AppRateCallbacks AppRateCustomLocal


● preferences: AppRatePreferences

Configure various settings for the Rating View. See table below for options

navigateToAppStore(): void

Immediately send the user to the app store rating page

Returns: void


promptForRating(immediately: boolean): void

Prompts the user for rating


immediatelybooleanShow the rating prompt immediately.

Returns: void




<Optional> handleNegativeFeedback

● handleNegativeFeedback: Function

call back function. called when user clicked on negative feedback

<Optional> onButtonClicked

● onButtonClicked: Function

call back function. called when user clicked on rate-dialog buttons

<Optional> onRateDialogShow

● onRateDialogShow: Function

call back function. called when rate-dialog showing



<Optional> appRatePromptMessage

● appRatePromptMessage: string

Feedback prompt message

<Optional> appRatePromptTitle

● appRatePromptTitle: string

App rate prompt title

<Optional> cancelButtonLabel

● cancelButtonLabel: string

Cancel button label

<Optional> feedbackPromptMessage

● feedbackPromptMessage: string

Feedback prompt message

<Optional> feedbackPromptTitle

● feedbackPromptTitle: string

Feedback prompt title

<Optional> laterButtonLabel

● laterButtonLabel: string

Later button label

<Optional> message

● message: string


<Optional> noButtonLabel

● noButtonLabel: string

No button label

<Optional> rateButtonLabel

● rateButtonLabel: string

Rate button label

<Optional> title

● title: string


<Optional> yesButtonLabel

● yesButtonLabel: string

Yes button label



<Optional> callbacks

● callbacks: AppRateCallbacks

Callbacks for events

<Optional> customLocale

● customLocale: AppRateCustomLocale

Custom locale object

<Optional> displayAppName

● displayAppName: string

Custom application title

<Optional> inAppReview

● inAppReview: boolean

leave app or no when application page opened in app store (now supported only for iOS). Defaults to false

<Optional> promptAgainForEachNewVersion

● promptAgainForEachNewVersion: boolean

Show dialog again when application version will be updated. Defaults to true

<Optional> simpleMode

● simpleMode: boolean

Simple Mode to display the rate dialog directly and bypass negative feedback filtering flow

<Optional> storeAppURL

● storeAppURL: AppUrls

App Store URLS

<Optional> useCustomRateDialog

● useCustomRateDialog: boolean

use custom view for rate dialog. Defaults to false

<Optional> useLanguage

● useLanguage: string

Custom BCP 47 language tag

<Optional> usesUntilPrompt

● usesUntilPrompt: number

count of runs of application before dialog will be displayed. Defaults to 3



<Optional> android

● android: string

application URL in GooglePlay

<Optional> blackberry

● blackberry: string

application URL in AppWorld

<Optional> ios

● ios: string

application id in AppStore

<Optional> windows

● windows: string

application URL in Windows Store

<Optional> windows8

● windows8: string

application URL in WindowsStore


  • 1.5.0

    • PR #253 - Remove iOS rating counter in favor of native approach
    • PR #252 - Postpone initial AppRate.init() until deviceready
    • PR #239 - Remove inappbrowser dependency adding support to choose between inappbrowser and safariviewcontroller
    • PR #244 - Use ES5 var instead of ES6 const for better browser compatibility
    • PR #231 - Displaying store view page before it loads for improved UX
    • PR #228 - Add native support for windows platform rating
    • PR #220 - Remove dependency on deprecated cordova-plugin-globalization in favor of browser Intl api
    • Various language fixes and improvements
    • View All Merged PR's
  • 1.4.0

    • Merged PR's
    • PR #211 - Use NativeStorage for persistance across installs
    • Breaking Change - Instead of directly asking our users to Rate our app, we now handle this flow much better. The first popup will be "Do you like using appName?" If the user says 'Yes' then we ask the user if they would like take a moment and rate our app. If the user says 'NO', We ask the user another question: "Would you mind providing us feedback?" If the user says yes, then we can run a custom callback to handle this such as sending an email. To revert to previous behaviour you can use simpleMode: true
    • iOS 9+ now redirects directly to write review
    • iOS 10.3+ now supports In-App Reviews. One limitation to note is you can only prompt the user 3 times per year before it must fallback to the old open review in store. The preference option to disable this feature is called inAppReview and defaults to true, this option was previously named openStoreInApp and defaulted to false.
  • 1.3.0

    • Added a general done callbacks called once we have completed the job, not showing or showing the popup
    • Fix %@ with customLocale
    • Fix bugs with callbacks
    • Fix deep links on ios 9+
    • Locales updates
  • 1.2.1

    • Align the version in the package.json and the plugin.xml
  • 1.2.0

    • Remove coffeescript to remove barrier of entry to contributions
    • Remove docs generation, just use the readme instead
    • Improve readme
    • Add Windows support from PR #120
    • Fix JSON parse for Android 2.x as per PR #73
    • Remove InAppBrowser dependency
    • Add/Improve Locales
  • 1.1.12

    • Bump version to be higher than the previous cordova-plugin-apprate on the NPM registry
    • Clean up readme
  • 1.1.9

    • Update id to cordova-plugin-apprate and update dependencies
    • Add finnish locale