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Webhook Examples

Webhooks are one of the ways Appflow can send real-time data about your builds to any of the integrations you configure. They are triggered when a build completes irrespective of whether it succeeds or fails. Let's explore different Webhook integration examples.

Creating a Webhook

You can enable webhooks alongside your automations. Every time the automation is triggered, a webhook fires consisting of the build state and url to download the build artifacts. You can learn more about the webhook payload here


Messaging app integrations

Webhooks and connectors are a simple way to connect your web services to channels and teams inside messaging apps. They are a quick and easy way to connect a channel to your service and are best used for scenarios that are unique to a particular team. For example, you could create an incoming webhook in your DevOps channel and configure your build, deployment and monitoring services to send alerts.


You can add your Slack app as a webhook endpoint to receive real-time data about your builds and for easier collaboration between your team members.

To integrate Slack, you can create a new app using the Slack API here.

You can look at distributing this app within different teams, channels or even organizations. webhook-slack-sample


Microsoft Teams uses Connectors that allow users to subscribe to receive notifications and messages from Appflow. Incoming webhooks are the simplest type of connector. For any channel in a team (if they are enabled for that team) you can choose to integrate with Appflow and receive messages into that channel. You can configure your incoming webhook connector by following the guide here.


Email integrations

To monitor the health or status of the build, email is an effective way to analyze the data in real-time. By connecting Appflow to an email delivery platform like Zapier, you can use webhooks to instantly analyze deliverability data related to failed or successful builds. You can add any email service as an Interaction to send out emails on build triggers.

More info from Zapier here.

Log management

Logs can help get better insights into your development workflow and what your team statistics look like. Appflow can help log builds and metrics to further enhance analytics and deliver better insights into your projects.

One such online tool is loggly. You can learn more about how to configure loggly to integrate with Appflow here.