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Cloud CLI


This feature is only available on our Scale plan. Please contact us to enable this feature.

All of Ionic's cloud products can be used inside your own CI/CD platform (such as Azure DevOps, Gitlab, Jenkins, and more) through the use of our Cloud CLI.

First you'll need to set up a Personal Access Token, then you can follow along with the CLI documentation for the individual product that you'd like to use.

Personal Access Token

Before using the Cloud CLI, you must set up a Personal Access Token to authenticate with Ionic.

Live Update with the CLI

Update your app remotely in real-time using your own CI/CD pipelines.

Native Builds with the CLI

Build app binaries in the cloud for iOS and Android, even on your linux CI/CD runner.

App Publishing with the CLI

Publish directly to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store from your own CI/CD platform in one command.

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