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Install Errors

error: Appflow CLI is already installed at '/usr/local/bin/appflow'

This error can occur if you have several steps in your CI/CD that install the Appflow CLI. You should ensure that you only install the CLI one time.

error: your platform and architecture ... is unsupported.

The Appflow CLI supports the following architectures:

  • macOS (Intel)
  • macOS (Apple M1)
  • Linux (32-bit)
  • Linux (64-bit)
  • Linux (64-bit ARM)
  • Windows (32-bit)
  • Windows (64-bit)

error: Appflow CLI version ... was not found.

This error can occur if you specify a version that is no longer available, or the version you specify is improperly formatted. The supported format is "X.X.X" to request an absolute version.