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Building Your First Ionic Enterprise Application

The purpose of this guide is to walk through a step-by-step process of building your very first enterprise-grade application using the Ionic Platform. In no time, you will have created an app with our security and storage solutions baked in. Then can then continue on flesh out your with what matters most - your unique business features!

Register your Product Key#

For this guide to work, you will need to have a Native Plugin Key. If you do not have a key already, you can quickly acquire one through a free 14-day trial! With that settled you will have access to:

  • Auth Connect: Add Single Sign-on using a variety of services including Auth0, AWS Cognito, Azure AD B2C, or any OpenId Connect provider.
  • Identity Vault: Secure user identity and session tokens through encryption at-rest, unlocked only by biometric identity (FaceID/TouchID).
  • Secure Storage: Add high-performance, secure data storage. Full SQL query support through SQLite and key/value support for simpler use cases.

What will you build?#

Your completed application will integrate all three solutions together. You will have untilized the entire Ionic Enterprise stack, including a great cross-platform experience powered by Ionic Framework and Capacitor, mobile CI/CD with Appflow, authentication powered by Auth Connect and Identity Vault, and data storage powered by Secure Storage.


If you would like to jump ahead and get the completed code for your own investigation before you get started, you can grab it from GitHub.