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Authentication Service Updates

Now that the application allows a user to login through a third-party authentication service and have their session data securely stored with added encryption, some final touches can be put on the AuthenticationService to round out it's functionality.

Reconfigure Constructor#

With the SessionVaultService implemented, additional updates are required within the AuthenticationService. For starters, the constructor() needs to pass configuration updates to it's parent now that session vault is serving as the tokenStorageProvider. This means the SessionVaultService needs to be injected:

...import { SessionVaultService } from './session-vault.service';
...export class AuthenticationService extends IonicAuth {  constructor(    private router: Router,    private sessionVault: SessionVaultService  ) {    super({      ...(Capacitor.isNativePlatform() ? nativeAuthOptions : webAuthOptions),      tokenStorageProvider: sessionVault.getVault(),    });  }}

Override Super Class Logout#

To ensure the user's data remains secured, it will also need to be deleted when the user logs out. Thus, the AuthenticationService's super class' logout() function can be overridden with custom logic to also clear the vault:

async logout() {  await this.sessionVault.clear();  return await super.logout();}

Amend onLoginSuccess and onLogout#

With the session vault helper functions, we can now successfully update the vault's configuration when the user logs in and logs out.

onLoginSuccess can now set the value within the session vault, update the unlock mode, and then do it's navigation:

async onLoginSuccess(response) {  await this.sessionVault.setValue('session', response);  await this.sessionVault.initializeUnlockMode();  await this.router.navigate(['/']);}

Finally, with onLogout, we can tell the app where to go after the user logs out, as well as update the vault's configs to match the current state of the application. In our case, we will take them right back to the original LoginPage:

async onLogout() {  await this.sessionVault.setUnlockMode('NeverLock');  return await this.router.navigate(['login']);}

Next Up#

We have created a fully functioning enterprise-grade application! It is time to deploy the application using Ionic's mobile CI/CD platform, Appflow.