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A channel points to a specific Live Update build of your app that will be shared with any devices configured to listen to that channel for updates. You can change the build a channel points to whenever you'd like, and can rollback changes as well.

When you install the Appflow SDK in your app (by clicking Install Instructions on a channel), any native binary configured to that channel will check the channel for available updates whenever it is loaded.

Setting up a Channel#

Every app comes with the default channel Production.

To create new channels beyond the Production Channel, you must have a paid Ionic Appflow membership. To add new channels, simply view the channels list by going to Deploy -> Destinations, and then click the New destination button.

Once you have set up a Channel, click Install Instructions next to that Channel and it will walk you through the options available and generate the Command Line command that you should run.

A common use case is using the Production Channel for your App Store binaries, and a separate channel to run a native binary on your phone during development that gets automatically updated.

Note: The Production Channel is unable to be deleted.

Assigning a Build to a Channel#

Once you have created a Channel, go back to the Builds section of your app. On the right side of each Build, you'll see a "Deploy live updates" button.

Assign build to a channel

Click this to set the Build as active for a Channel.

Once a Build is set as active for a Channel any native binaries that have been set up with Ionic Live Update for this Channel will receive the new update next time they check in.

Automating Deployment from a Git Branch#

If your interested in automating your deploys from git push all the way to deploying to a channel you can take advantage or our Automation features if your plan includes them.