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Version: 5.0

Reference Apps

Refer to these reference apps while you implement Identity Vault.

Tea Taster

The Tea Taster application is the output of our Ionic Enterprise three day framework training course and represents a typical medium sized hybrid native application that follows the best practices for each individual application framework. Branches exist for each application framework demonstrating how Identity Vault could be implemented in such an application.

Tea Taster with Identity Vault

The Identity Vault branch represents one possible architecture to use when integrating Identity Vault into an existing real world application. This application allows the user to specify the mechanism used to unlock the vault based on the capabilities of the current device, supports a session-based PIN rather than device level security if desired, and utilizes the BrowserVault to maintain the Ionic Framework's browser based development workflow.

Versions exist for each of the following frameworks:

Tea Taster with Identity Vault + Auth Connect

This branch uses Ionic's Auth Connect product to establish the authentication and combines it with Identity Vault to securely store the authentication tokens.

Versions exist for each of the following frameworks:

Ionifits (Angular)

Ionifits is an example implementation of a Human Resources app (the name is a play on Zenefits, by which it's inspired). It utilizes the complete Ionic enterprise stack, including a UI powered by Ionic Framework, native apps built with Capacitor, mobile CI/CD with Appflow, authentication powered by Auth Connect and Identity Vault, and encrypted data storage powered by Secure Storage.

Specifically, Ionifits uses Identity Vault to offer a complete login/logout experience that includes biometrics (Face ID), secure token storage, background data hiding, and session timeouts.