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Using Private Git Submodules in Appflow

During the development process, it might be required to clone and use other libraries as git Submodules. Using Submodules will allow any user to clone other libraries inside any project that uses it, make the needed modifications and build using those libraries

You can use private git submodules in appflow by providing the relative path of the submodule repository from the project you would like to add the submodule to. Appflow will automatically initialize the submodule during build without any additional configuration.


If you are looking to clone additional private repositories during the build, you can refer to our previous guide on Using private Git repositories in Appflow which is different from adding Git submodules.

Adding the Submodule from the root of the project with a relative path would be similar to:

git submodule add ../subrepo.git

At this make sure you commit and trigger a build Appflow initializes, clones, and checks out the submodule to be used in the build as seen below:

Updating/initializing submodules...
Submodule 'sub-repo' ( registered for path 'subrepo'
Cloning into '/builds/Ionic/repo/subrepo'...
Submodule path 'subrepo': checked out 'a10a10a10'