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ionic-cloud build

[ionic-cloud, build]

Create a build through Appflow

ionic-cloud build [android, ios, web] [flags]



--app-id [required]stringAppflow app id
--commit [required]stringCommit sha
--detachedbooleanfalseAsynchronously run appflow build
--envstring[][]Variables to expose to your build. Variables defined this way override those loaded using the env-file flag. Example: --env VAR=value
--env-filestring[][]Files declaring environment variables to expose to your build. Variables from later files overwrite variables from earlier files.
--environmentstringThe name of the predefined Appflow Environment to expose to your build
--secretstring[][]Secrets to expose to your build. Example: --secret VAR=value

Global Flags

-h, --helpbooleanfalsePrint help information for command
--configstringIonic Cloud config file (.ionic-cloud.yaml by default)
--jsonbooleanfalseFor commands with output, shortcut to print as JSON
--outputstring"text"For commands with output, print as [json] or human readable [text]
--tokenstringIonic authorization token