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ionic-cloud deploy ios

[ionic-cloud, deploy, ios]

This command deploys an iOS build to Testflight or iTunes Connect. While the deploy is running, it prints the remote log to the terminal.

ionic-cloud deploy ios [flags]


ionic-cloud deploy ios --app-id=b3456cd --build-id=4c511f1 --destination="Apple App Store"


--app-id [required]stringAppflow app id
--build-id [required]numberAppflow build id
--destination [required]stringApple app store destination name
--detachedbooleanfalseAsynchronously run appflow deployment

Global Flags

-h, --helpbooleanfalsePrint help information for command
--configstringIonic Cloud config file (.ionic-cloud.yaml by default)
--jsonbooleanfalseFor commands with output, shortcut to print as JSON
--outputstring"text"For commands with output, print as [json] or human readable [text]
--tokenstringIonic authorization token


appIdstringYour app's unique identifier in Appflow.
buildId (optional)numberA unique identifier for a build done in Appflow.
buildNumber (optional)numberAn app-specific build number for builds done in Appflow.
buildStatus"CREATED" | "PENDING" | "RUNNING" | "FAILED" | "SUCCESS" | "CANCELED"The current state of your build in Appflow.
platform"ANDROID" | "IOS" | "WEB"The ecosystem you are building for.
destinationNamestringThe name of a Destination you've created in Appflow.
"appId": "052b32ac",
"buildId": 6010455,
"buildNumber": 25,
"buildStatus": "SUCCESS",
"platform": "IOS",
"destinationName": "App Store"