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ionic-cloud build android

This command creates an Android build on Appflow. While the build is running, it prints the remote build log to the terminal.

ionic-cloud build android [debug, release] [flags]


ionic-cloud build android debug --app-id=a1234bc --commit=a9eb85e
ionic-cloud build android release --app-id=b3456cd --commit=4c511f1
ionic-cloud build android debug --app-id=a1234bc --commit=a9eb85e --environment="My Custom Environment Name"
ionic-cloud build android debug --app-id=a1234bc --commit=a9eb85e --native-config="My Custom Native Config Name"
ionic-cloud build android release --app-id=b3456cd --commit=4c511f1 --aab --apk --apk-name="my-app-prod.apk"


--app-id [required]stringAppflow app id
--commit [required]stringCommit sha
--aabboolfalseDownload aab file
--aab-namestringDownload aab and rename file. Example: mapp.aab
--apkboolfalseDownload apk file
--apk-namestringDownload apk and rename file. Example: myapp.apk
--app-bundle-idstringNative config application bundle ID. Example:
--app-namestringNative config application name
--build-stackstringTarget platform ("Linux - 2022.10" / "Linux - 2022.07" / "Linux - 2021.10" / "Linux - 2021.09"), defaults to latest stack
--detachedboolfalseAsynchronously run appflow build
--env[]string[]Variables to expose to your build. Variables defined this way override those loaded using the env-file flag. Example: --env VAR=value
--env-file[]string[]Files declaring environment variables to expose to your build. Variables from later files overwrite variables from earlier files.
--environmentstringThe name of the predefined Appflow Environment to expose to your build
--live-update-app-idstringAppflow application ID
--live-update-channel-namestringLive Update channel name
--live-update-disable-deployboolfalseDisable Live Updates from being applied
--live-update-max-storeint2Number of previous Live Updates that can be stored on a device
--live-update-methodstring"background"Live Update method to determine how the app will check for and apply updates, "background", "auto", or "none"
--live-update-min-background-durationint30Number of seconds the app needs to be in the background for it to have been considered "closed"
--native-configstringThe name of the native config to use for the build. Native configs are defined in the UI.
--secret[]string[]Secrets to expose to your build. Example: --secret VAR=value
--signing-certstringSigning certificate

Global Flags

-h, --helpboolfalsehelp for android
--configstringconfig file
--jsonboolfalseFor commands with output, shortcut to print as JSON
--outputstring"text"For commands with output, print as [json] or human readable [text]
--tokenstringIonic authorization token
-v, --verboseboolfalseverbose output