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ionic-cloud live-update delete-channel

Delete a Live Update channel in Appflow

ionic-cloud live-update delete-channel [flags]

If a channel referenced in an app using live updates is deleted, live updates will no longer be applied until the channel is recreated or the app is updated to reference a different channel.


--app-id [required]stringAppflow app id
--name [required]stringLive Update channel name
--ignore-errorsboolfalseIgnore channel deletion errors

Global Flags

-h, --helpboolfalsehelp for delete-channel
--configstringconfig file
--jsonboolfalseFor commands with output, shortcut to print as JSON
--outputstring"text"For commands with output, print as [json] or human readable [text]
--tokenstringIonic authorization token
-v, --verboseboolfalseverbose output