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Adding Certificates

After you have generated your Signing Certificate, you must upload it to Appflow.

Uploading Certificates

Navigate to your App, then to the Build > Signing Certificates in the sidebar.

Click the Add certificate button to create a new signing certificate. Both iOS and Android credentials can be stored within one signing certificate, so we recommend labeling certificates based on the build type or destination, such as "Production App Store Certificate" or "Development Certificate".

Add Profile


Signing certificates are created as either Production of Development and can only house the build types associated with the signing certificate type. Appflow will designate the signing certificate type based on the uploaded credentials.

Choose the certificate files you generated and upload them for each platform, adding any passwords needed to access the certificates.

For iOS, use the generated .p12 file for the certificate, the .mobileprovision file for the Provisioning Profile, and the password used to generate the .p12 file for the password.

Add iOS cert

For Android, use the generated .keystore or .jks keystore file and the keystore certificate password, key alias, and key password used to generate the file.

Add Android cert

Once that signing certificate has been created, can click the Edit button to remove and/or upload your iOS and Android certs.