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Native Configurations

Native configs allow you overwrite certain configurations without having to commit changes to version control on a per build/automation basis such as:

This makes it easy to build your app for multiple environments from the same version of the code. If using an Automation, you can trigger multiple automations from the same branch that will produce different builds.

Common use cases are:

  • Making Staging, QA, and Production versions of you app with different Bundle IDs, App names, and Deploy Channels so that you can install all the environments on a single device and easily tell the apart
  • Leaving the DisableDeploy true for development and automatically setting it back to false when building binaries for release

If you plan to use Native Configurations to modify Bundle IDs with your iOS builds, you will need to set up code signing certificates using those alternate Bundle IDs. See our section on Generating Certificates for more information.

To create one go to the Build > Native Configs tab in the sidebar and click New native config.

Native configs