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Google Play Beta

Google Play allows developers to publish beta versions of their apps, made available to testers who opt-in to the program.

  • Development
  • DevOps
  • Testing

Why Google Play Beta?

    Share pre-release versions of your app with beta testers and other stakeholders.

    Evaluate app performance and gather feedback from testers to improve the UX before making the app publicly available.

    Limit the distribution of your app until you are ready to release to the public.

How Google Play Beta Works

Google’s beta testing features are available within the Play Console. You can test your app with specific groups or open your test to Google Play users. Available testing options include Internal testing, available only to people inside of your organization; Closed testing, available to larger set of testers but not publicly available; and Open testing, which will make pre-release versions of your app available on the the Google Play store.

Ionic + Google Play Beta

Use Google Play’s Beta feature to test Android versions of your Ionic apps with in-house QA, testers and other stakeholders, or publicly within the Google Play store.