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HockeyApp makes it easier to share your apps with testers, collect feedback, and analyze crash reports and user metrics.

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Why HockeyApp?

    Distribute beta versions of your app to testers. Invite or recruit testers through the HockeyApp Dashboard.

    Allow testers to submit feedback, file bugs, and submit requests from inside your app.

    Management features make it easier to distribute applications to different sets of test users.

    Crash reporting and user metrics help you measure and improve app quality.

How HockeyApp Works

HockeyApp is a service for app developers to support them in various aspects of their development process, including the management and recruitment of testers, the distribution of apps and the collection of crash reports. HockeyApp supports apps on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows & Windows Phone as well as custom apps. Crash reports & user metrics are working on all those platforms.

Ionic + HockeyApp

Use HockeyApp to share pre-production versions of your apps with testers and other stakeholders. Gather and analyze feedback and review crash reports and user testing to improve the user experience.

Ionic makes it easy to get started with HockeyApp

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